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  1. Where do Beastlords Stand on the DPS scale?
  2. you got to be kidding me, a 1.2 GB patch?
  3. Twitter in game!
  4. Randomly lost health since last night
  5. finding player guilds
  6. Look I know mercs are not suppose to be as smart as players but...
  7. EQII Share Feedback
  8. F2P suggestion: Coin Cap increase in the Marketplace
  9. Personal Banker
  10. [Moved] Frustrating Beastlord Questions
  11. Is there a new 12 month membership subscription reward? (in-game items)
  12. EQ2 launchers
  13. Need new items in the store
  14. Where did the Hammer of Luminosity go from the SC shop?
  15. Storms Server specific bug: "Propriétaire" Flag on everything
  16. Mercenary issues/BUGS
  17. [Moved] Everquest II nominated for MMO Sanctuary 2011 Gamers' Choice Awards
  18. What do you miss that you wish they'd bring back?
  19. Snowball fights
  20. Please delete.
  21. A general complaint about the Marketplace....
  22. Anyone else afflicted with turning your back to the mob in combat?
  23. So when will we be able to move servers again?
  24. Welcome pack
  25. To Easy?
  26. [Moved] A challenge to the devs and all curious players!
  27. [Moved] How do the dungeon system awards work? (raging raging raging)
  28. Can you PLEASE revert the transfer token requirement?
  29. Where are most of the F2P players selling their items at if not using the broker?
  30. [Moved] Carpenter Tradeskill Apprentice only researching jewelry?
  31. When are Bazaar and Vox merging?
  32. [Moved] Show us your Ever Quest 2 Command Center !! PICS PLS!!
  33. SOE is dropping the ball
  34. Dear Sony, My christmas wish is to have a double xp and double station cash weekend for christmas
  35. Things that needs hotfixed before Holidays - please just list bugs
  36. Couple of general questions for you old timers..
  37. Returning Player - Evaluation of F2P
  38. I Think I'm Shapeshift Proof
  39. Awesome Items
  40. Legends Free Character Slot + Silver Account Status
  41. Server Merges and Unique Names
  42. `Well did mercs spoil the game?
  43. How does one find dungeon maker items on the broker?
  44. Prestige house portal
  45. Unlocking Characters on Silver Membership?
  46. Raid Loot Scrolling Issue
  47. Red adornments and Beastlords fixed. now what about yellow adornments?
  48. SOE 12 days of Christmas is WHERE?
  49. We need to try races on before purchase
  50. New Launcher New Danger
  51. returning player
  52. Question about Character viability, Play style and F2P?
  53. My Opinion on Mercs
  54. What was your merger experience like? advice?
  55. tired of streaming game client
  56. Logging in to one character freezing my computer
  57. Gigantic Flaw with Returning Players
  58. Returning Goddess
  59. Deity Pet
  60. AoD suddenly includes DoV, even thou they said it wouldnt?!?
  61. So this new launcher is it streaming or not ?
  62. Let us overwrite "yellow-grade" procs with our own yellow adornments
  63. Wowwee I crashed on Vox then all my Vox chars were gone.
  64. VOX DOWN?
  65. Adventurer activators in the station store -- comparisons?
  66. The Merc I hired was the worst 5+ plat I've spent so far in the game.
  67. Merc Death Time???
  68. Splitpaw - are we getting the Hotfix today?
  69. Rare Mercs
  70. Beastlord's CA after lvl 28
  71. Merc and Non-AOD account
  72. Freeport prestige portals still disappearing.
  73. It's been frustrating....
  74. Launch Pad
  75. EULA - we no longer need to sign it?
  76. Pick the zones you like best from the original game
  77. All Access and 500 free SC
  78. Merc Threat Nerf
  79. [Moved] Fatal Error
  80. Dancing & Warping MOBs since 2006 and not fixed in 2012 ?? come on really...
  81. How do you tell which of the 2ndary stats on items is an upgrade?
  82. Blatantly overpowered in solo content, group content still worth it?
  83. Question regarding the gold membership (non-recurring)
  84. [Moved] Dungeon Maker feedback
  85. So really SOE... Dropping price of AoD from $30 to $10 after 2 weeks?
  86. Question
  87. Items Vanished off the Marketplace?
  88. Why can't I loot my own chests?
  89. Triple SC for December 17 only?
  90. Upgrade from normal to CE
  91. Triple SC is really Double SC
  92. SC Heads up
  93. Pet Classes: Magic Ranged (Necro, Conj) vs Melee (BL)
  94. Triple value via steam cash not working?
  95. Recurring membership with SC question
  96. How do you cancel recurring memberships?
  97. Launcher now in French?
  98. Parental Password
  99. [Server Transfer Tokens] Normal to PvP?
  100. Frostfell Weapon
  101. Thank you for your Generosity SOE
  102. Temple of Scale question
  103. Weird Merc behavior
  104. Chest drops in Velious
  105. Thanks SOE!!! Whoot!
  106. All Access available with SC?
  107. What are the Mercs like in expansion for tank/dps/heals would you say its worth $15
  108. Transfering character
  109. Make it stop...please
  110. 3X SC problem
  111. [Moved] 699 Free Station Cash
  112. Do mercs take on faction of owner?
  113. Save/Load Keyboard settings?
  114. Timorous Deep bug?
  115. AA Slider Bar
  116. Drums UI and Click to Cast/Cure Mercs
  117. New Holiday Shinies for 2012!
  118. Forum persona only showing EQ2, not EQ2X characters
  119. Char Transfer
  120. A question on streaming .......
  121. Two easy fixes ..
  122. Proposal: Tradeable SC Tokens
  123. Do some good with your extra Station Cash
  124. How do you find Prestige Lavastorm residence?
  125. Keeping it in focus.
  126. Skill level in the Thundering Steppes.
  127. Guild Status Points
  128. Best looking beastlord Happy Holidays!
  129. Monk/healer duo
  130. Steam 3X SC problem
  131. Dudes!
  132. Nice addition
  133. SOE's Billing dept, Why i been charged for this month? I have AoD billed and get free 30 days.
  134. Patcher... Err what now?
  135. Leader Only Loot please fix
  136. Character Transfer - Process
  137. I could trade with the Frostfoot merchant, now I can't. Why not?
  138. Vox -> Nagafen Merge
  139. "Childs Play Charity" and Cloak of the Snowfall
  140. [Moved] Dungeon Maker changes
  141. EQ2 site
  142. Can you get original Warder back?
  143. Why are there no server boards?
  144. Thank You! Your Characters in Dungeon Maker!
  145. anyone else think it was a bad decsion of SOE to ......
  146. Question about a Grandfathered account into F2P
  147. question on moving a GH
  148. Beastlord Bugs
  149. Did you guys (devs) forget about the Freeport server this Frostfell?
  150. List of Elite Mercs
  151. [Moved] SOE Customer service.....the lack there of
  152. Last patch before xmas break and pathing/backturning/loot not fixed?
  153. What's the command to change your character's name?
  154. Back after 5.5 years... plenty of weirdness in inventory
  155. Mercs: They Take Half my Platz but yet I Can't Buff Them
  156. Station Cash Research Potions aka $4.50 for a master has destroyed master sales
  157. Mercs abandoning job (according to patch notes)
  158. Splitpaw hamster dead?
  159. Everfrost down?
  160. Please Give Reliable Service Updates (i.e, True Server Status)
  161. Login Servers Down?
  162. Fix Leader Assigned Raid Looting
  163. Game redownloading all assets?
  164. hotkey gone
  165. Trader Quest Questions
  166. Bugged Mercenary Stamper Inquisitor in EFP?
  167. Dungeon maker expansion packs gone!
  168. Logic Behind Coin limit?
  169. Potency Cap?
  170. Do you know what would be LOVELY for Frostfell?
  171. Merc ????
  172. RIP Meatbeast
  173. Is the Bazaar > Freeport merge happening in 8 hours or not?
  174. Behavioral Modification 101: Key to DM and Merc excellence!
  175. Character slots
  176. [Moved] Take away Meatbeast after I dropped all that cash on preorder?
  177. My house is eating my items
  178. Why F2P is so great and why SOE needs to fix theirs
  179. SOE change your f2p model before you end up shutting this game down!
  180. Launch Pad Team has ruined my gaming experience
  181. Where have ALL my Freeport characters gone?
  182. Free Transfers for Merged foks?
  183. Warning Ban the platsellers
  184. From Update Notes for Today's Hotfix
  185. Freeport Merge Dec. 21, 2011 - Moonlight Enchantments - Extend???
  186. Character Transfer and Heirloom Items?
  187. can we PLEASE FIX THE MERCS!
  188. "Stocking Stuffer" double station cash
  189. World chat
  190. Hit 8 years 4 days ago... how much longer do I have to wait on the vet reward?
  191. Thank you for the notice on the Double XP Weekend
  192. [Moved] My beef with SOE/Beastlords
  193. [Moved] Attention: The Meatbeast has been tamed.
  194. For the love of Marr, give the flying disks safe fall in instances.
  195. Welcome to EQII letters in-game
  196. You should visit this link once per day
  197. [Moved] Cannot contact Login Servers
  198. Anyone try to do an account to account character tranfer lately
  199. Arent expansions usually bundled together ?
  200. Bring back the leveler armor on the SC store
  201. Merc's first impressions but have ?s
  202. Merger cloning
  203. Bazaar to Freeport merge - lost character name - NOT HAPPY
  205. Can you still buy race change potions in the SC shop?
  206. House / Dungeon ratings lost after server merge...
  207. Population indicators on Server Status are misleading
  208. In game mail from EverQuest 2
  209. Market place items from dungeon maker
  210. [Moved] Anybody else think that the weapons obtained from the Beastlord epic are a bit.....RIDICULOUS??
  211. [Moved] Beastlords and Disarm Trap
  212. Facebook advertising
  213. Can People Use the Game to Sell Real World Goods? Happening Now on Freeport.
  214. is there a way to transfer a guild server to server?
  215. Frostfell Warders
  216. Any healer mercenary with expert spell?
  217. Has this happened to you yet? Cannot unmentor even after logging off. (Resolved)
  218. Can't view certain items in game.
  219. Hire more than 1 merc!
  220. Mercenary suspend bug (update with screenshots)
  221. BRING BACK MAX!!!!
  222. Skill Cooldowns in EQ2 are far to slow to be Competitive in 2012.
  223. Thank you for the new dungeon features!
  224. I'd like to express my disappointment
  225. Collections from last expansion
  226. Missing horse
  227. Adventure vitality running out quickly
  228. HIt level 20 quest
  229. New Home/Dungeon Rating System is NOT COOL!!
  230. 80 locked while lowbies playable
  232. Sever transfers
  233. Lord Marcus Thex?
  234. Is every new 'feature' going to be just another way to milk players via Station Cash?
  235. Progression server(s)?
  236. Does this new Erolisi Quest mean...?
  237. Want to gift Dungeon Maker Items
  238. Upgrade to gold message mentioning "three more bag slots"
  239. [Moved] Something is wrong cannot get into game.
  240. [Moved] Toxic Bow of Discipline Does Not Work - Beware!
  241. Remember how we all said we wish some things would come back?
  242. Game is Making Me Login AFTER I am Logged in?
  243. Hard-Mode Progression Guild Challenge
  244. Thank you SmokeJumper and the dev team
  245. Did SOE really just "forget" qeynosians?
  246. thundering steppes dock station
  247. Please make launchpad close after starting game
  248. Gifting Limit on Frostfell Day (Dec 25th)
  249. Find a way to kill off overinflation of plat in the game.
  250. Weight reduction bags gone?