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  1. My current EQ2 status.
  2. Guilds
  3. Masters = Mute fodder
  4. Pre order payments and bank security
  5. Looking for your impressions on EQII, what makes it fun for you.
  6. What is the meat of the game now?
  7. LFD option
  8. PQ Runes: If looted, allow purchase from The Kael Rune Guy OR Shady, pls
  9. Looking forward to DYOD
  10. Marketplace and prices
  11. What determines PQ rewards for tanks?
  12. Just want to take this moment and leave some POSITIVE feedback, that's right, I said it! :)
  13. [Moved] AoD digital download only?
  14. [Moved] The price of the Xpac
  15. Next Double Xp Weekend?
  16. Make all Classes Free please.
  17. The irony
  18. Dungeon maker event trigger
  19. account entitlements?
  20. forum wipe?
  21. So let me get this straight
  22. Which comes first?
  23. Veteran Rewards
  24. Time for a Manual update?
  25. Combat/crafting bubbles not showing
  26. what will happen to RAF benefits?
  27. Freeport improvements make my troll and dark elf (lvl 40) want to go back
  28. Problems with pre order of Age of Discovery
  29. character profiles not working?
  30. Design Your own Dungeon
  31. Design Your own Dungeon
  32. I really really hope....
  33. State of the game for people returning or starting out
  34. AoD a 40 million dollar investment?
  35. A Drakkel Mosquito
  36. Widest / Longest Map?
  37. Cancel my Sub
  38. [Moved] Everquest 2 station launcher crashing
  39. Selling Guildhall!!!
  40. critical mitigation for HM raiding, and progressing from EM to HM.
  41. Something weird happened to me (looting stuffs)
  42. Recruit a Friend gone already?
  43. Hey! Can you add Drundar Zones to Hotzone/DD?
  44. Will this Computer be able to play EQ2?
  45. Why no othmir coin?
  46. ok in all the excitement over f2p and aod .what about dungeon finder fix?
  47. Building upon the previous tier
  48. Ability to Merge Guilds?
  49. Can't log in
  50. Double XP for the Holiday?
  51. Changing AA specs on the fly
  52. Guild XP lost?
  53. [Moved] Dear Ann Landers,
  54. Delaying the death of high end raid content
  55. EQ2 Refer A Friend isn't available?
  56. "New" features vs. "Forsaken Features"
  57. No Point in new AA's without a complete revamp/raise of caps.
  58. Happy Thanksgiving SOE and players.
  59. Resetting Adventure Class for Hight Level Crafters... Any Update?????????
  60. BUG: Frustrated here veteran bonus for adventure and tradeskill has been disabled
  61. double exp week work with quests?
  62. Why get kicked out of lockout zones upon d/c and crashes?
  63. WOW! people should be using Dungeon Finder this weekend
  64. Beta forums
  65. Why do Freebloods still....
  66. Can't purchase Character Slots or expansions due to membership restrictions?
  67. Expansion purchases
  68. [Moved] Hey Jumper ;)
  69. Players dong Power Leveling for Plats is so wrong
  70. Double XP!!!
  71. Get rid of the real game killers Heirloom and Notrade
  72. delete me
  73. New rule.If ye donot loot ye kill, ye donot get exp.
  74. Why the difference on writs in stonebrunt for good and evil?
  75. Guk Server down
  76. Station Cash
  77. Why AoD not via Paypal?
  78. So..double exp weekend still virtually no groups?
  79. Wanted: Hide this quest
  80. Mentoring bonuses and detriments
  81. No vet award for me?
  82. Looking to experience this game with someone else?
  83. Wanted - Paying our house rents for lifetime
  84. Question On New Launchpad Version on Wednesday (11/30/11)
  85. Official Feedback Thread for New LaunchPad Announcement
  86. Will New Launcher allow boxing?
  87. any new "sneak peek" on new frostfell goodies?
  88. Is Freeport just going to instantly be changed.
  89. Another patch with no notes..
  90. server down?
  91. Age of Discovery Webcast - Nov 29th
  92. What about the continuing gear revamp?
  93. Eq2: New Ideas and fixes to help the devs.
  94. 20 AA's.
  95. Idea for a special merc
  96. AoD Launches on the 6th!
  97. Some Sugestions TO this game
  98. F2P Players in DCUO - Is this what EQ2 has to look forward to?
  99. Thank you Feldon!!
  100. Free to play Character slot question
  101. A parting comment on f2p and "discussion"
  102. Let's play the "how much would YOU pay for the new expansion"
  103. The way forward..how you SHOULD have done it
  104. EQ2 Comes to a dead end
  105. I will be shocked if this game makes 2 more years!
  106. new expansion coming out where's the character progression, except for the online barbie stuff
  107. Change to group xp needed---a 2-boxer's perspective
  108. Ala Carte Features
  109. mmorpg.com on AoD
  110. An open letter to SoE
  111. Dragon flying mounts
  112. Alright, so I want to Pre-Order, but...
  113. Please Shutoff Live to Freeport transfers
  114. Is Sony going to advertise for the AoD/Frostfell/F2P conversion Dec. 6th?
  115. merging shared banks
  116. Question from Press Tour re; Dungeon Maker
  117. Anyone get the new launcher yet?
  118. Ideas for future updates/expansions
  119. Laucher Update??
  120. Double station Cash prior to release???? triple maybee??
  121. Beastlord Weapons
  122. Rethink their position on AoD as an all in one expansion
  123. Few questions from a returning player
  124. When can you start DoV?
  125. As a Service to the EQ2 Community, Do Not pay $40+ for AoD
  126. Aether Racing Delay Between Races
  127. When will new launcher support full download ?
  128. Beastlord Tracking?
  129. Dungeon Builder and the point of Player Created Content
  130. What is REforging Exactly?
  131. Launcher question
  132. Add Beastlord to SCout Discussion
  133. Beastlord Spells and AA
  134. NDA lifted - please tell me about the AoD mercs.
  135. Someone check my math here . . .
  136. Solution for AOD
  137. [Moved] What's Missing
  138. Merging Request
  139. 80-90 Sentinel's Fate Solo Quests: Extremely Poor Design. Alternative Leveling Path Needed.
  140. DoV digital download
  141. Veteran XP Bonus for Lvl 90 Chars - Disable-able?
  142. EQ II Players not working (again)?
  143. Can someone point me to where I can see what this cloak and robe look like
  144. New launcher peeves
  145. [Moved] SOE and the Zynga-fication of MMOs
  146. Characters on EQX and EQ Live?
  147. Freeblood race change potion?
  148. Beastlord Masters
  149. F2P begins with AoD launch?
  150. State of the Game
  151. Is this game fast becoming Star Wars Galaxies New Game Experience V2.0?
  152. Reflections on beast lord
  153. Station cash prices bouble?
  154. EQ2 and the Future?
  155. WoW has got one thing right
  156. AoD is very low value for most raiders.
  157. All access station account and downgrade to silver
  158. Looting Macro
  159. whats your best eq2 xpac?
  160. If I wait 5 months, is AoD free?
  161. EQ2 downtime schedule for AOD and Free to play updates?
  162. EQ2X Player looking for gripes from old timers..
  163. AoD Etc Still Dec 6th?
  164. Accepted into BETA 4 days before it launches
  165. Why No Love For EQ2 in Marketing?
  166. Is it possible to level up on combat only?
  167. Build your own dungeons - what is the skinny?
  168. AoD update and servers will be down, How long?
  169. Ummm... wait, what? Is merger/conversion tomorrow??
  170. AOD gift
  171. What I will miss....
  172. Here's to a successful launch!
  173. Its the end of the world as we know it...
  174. when is server merger for freeport
  175. Beta Invite!... 48 hours before launch?
  176. since freeport server now live
  177. when are the servers coming back up?
  178. [Moved] 8=year vet reward a real gyp.
  179. [Moved] RoK TSO SF DoV
  180. Game Update 62: Freeport Reborn Official Feedback Thread
  181. Future Suggestion.
  182. Please help a noob understand..
  183. Who needs new content when we can all buy chairs with SC!!
  184. New Server with New Class? (And FTP to boot)
  185. Question about f2p and beastlords
  186. Is there anything that can be done to restore the economy?
  187. ETA on downtime finish
  188. Freeport Forum Refugees
  189. How Is the Preorder Working?
  190. Wheres the patch?
  191. I woud like centaurs as a playable race
  192. Won't let me log in...
  194. Dungeon Maker and Battlegrounds Maps
  195. Where is the producer's letter?
  196. When are you guys planning on fixing your broken antiques?
  197. EQ2X Characters now showing with live launcher
  198. DoV Price change in SC Store -- THANK YOU from a new player
  199. Characters are now locked?
  200. What does the correct new patcher look like?
  201. Petition to return to old launcher
  202. Where do you get the new launcher?
  203. Is the char slot count right atm?
  204. Nice double posting bug
  205. Forcing me to install the game again, because the new launcher fails to install in Programdata.
  207. Slots
  208. EQ2 Website opens when you close Everquest2
  209. BOY! Did I pick the wrong characters to play for the new F2P model :)
  210. Not sure which thread to add this to lol
  211. Can you point me to...
  212. Character names
  213. This is for you.
  214. So How Many
  215. Dear "Shop Now" button
  216. EQ2 Free?...NOT! (Thanks for laughing in my face SOE)
  217. Can't log in!
  218. What are you doing to pass the time?
  219. Adventure Class Reset
  220. Multiboxing
  221. Where are the patch notes and non-streaming ability?
  222. Mercs
  223. Forum Mods
  224. [Moved] So...
  225. Extend City Festival?
  226. making the repair materials heirloom
  227. Multiboxing is bad... :(
  228. [Moved] OS Not Supported?!
  229. best boxed healer for free Inq. or Temp
  230. Have you been charged?
  231. Producers Letter 12/6
  232. Game card station cash
  233. ETA on "unlocking" the servers?
  234. EQ2X -> EQ2: What to copy?
  235. Anyone Else lose access to some of there Characters not the Freeport Server?
  236. Max character count
  237. Some characters locked?
  238. Uh, what is thisstation launchpad dial thing when I click my old .exe launcher?
  239. Few Questions with the Expansion
  240. anybody charged for preorder yet?
  241. I have searched, any specific FAQ/Post Showing what F2P players get?
  242. Waiting for servers? Check out the music folder!
  243. Purchasing Expansion and FTP
  244. 8 Gig Download?
  245. Virus in the new everquest2.exe?
  246. LP4 keeps switching back to station launchpad stopwatch thing...
  247. LON Card game is Not down maybe we should all wait there while they fix this.
  248. Question about recurring/non recurring subscriptions
  249. FtP with existing characters question
  250. SC Refund?