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  1. Dungeon Finder Fixes to Make me Care about PvE
  2. [Moved] Thought gifting was fixed?
  3. Everquest 2 Tutorial/Let's play series with coverage of new content
  4. Thank you for the Uncanny Estate.
  5. Houses not loading Nagafen
  6. nagafen broken
  7. Barren Sky is broke?
  8. bugged autoconsume
  9. Dungeon Finder - needing a clearer picture of dungeons in eq2
  10. Persistence on the Zone window, please
  11. EQ2 getting too easy?
  12. Back after many years.
  13. Butcherblock server down?
  14. Yall sling a lot of poopy at EQ2X but...
  15. New Station Cash Guild Halls
  16. Dungeon Finder not good as a travel aid either.
  17. We need Race Transformer
  18. Returned after 5 years - The one thing I can't believe has not been addresed.
  19. Developers on vacation? Optimism please.
  20. Vet bonus?
  21. If you use SOE 30 day game cards to play, you are no longer allowed to gift.
  22. Has EQ2 turned into 'online barbie'?
  23. View Profile on my account.
  24. Butcherblock Crashed?
  25. EQ2x vs EQ2 for new player
  26. Aether Races
  27. Freeing up Names. /Purge
  28. Why isn't Cella on the Dungeon Finder list?
  29. Question from a returning player
  30. Housing Leaderboards - Some listings are in RED. What does that mean?
  31. Before you add new AA caps, you should make all available AA's useful.
  32. Heres an idea!
  33. can't log in
  34. Mercenaries and the outer vaults
  35. [Moved] Copied from 'crispy gamer' - says it all really....
  36. Bazaar Down....with no notice?
  37. Splitpaw Down?
  38. Storms down
  39. Why isnt the expansion on Station Cash yet to purchase?
  40. Are severs up or down i cant get in says change password
  41. Could we please consider removing hard lockouts and making all lockouts into persistent zones?
  42. [Moved] Check mail for cool items
  43. nagafens hamster down...
  44. Race Change problem
  45. Are the random overland names in Moors going to start dropping chests again?
  46. Dev / GM Appreciation Thread
  47. Test and Live Update Notes, one and the same?
  48. Wishlist 2012
  49. Log-in Server issues?
  50. Can't Login - Seems 4 Accounts were hacked?!?!
  51. [Moved] Change to Macro and Shard windows
  52. [Moved] Gimme a Cave
  53. patching LoN?
  54. How about some official guidelines?
  55. Looting changes?
  56. Pre orders for AoD box?
  57. Private Message Link is Missing?
  58. Not allowed to choose server!
  59. Please raise the reward for the solo mission
  60. For the love of all thats Holy let me in Beta!
  61. Did Guk just crash?
  62. Heirloom drops no longer tradable in group
  63. Guild Armory feature
  64. Butcherblock Just Crashed
  65. AoD release
  66. Log in!
  67. Old player returning..
  68. Cant get the Giant Language....
  69. We should get double experience...
  70. no T9 Prismatic?
  71. Nybright Family faction...does it matter?
  72. New guild amenity suggestions
  73. Qeynos and Freeport have been disabled as starting cities.
  74. log in servers down?
  75. Who is she?
  76. LoN card drops in AoD?
  77. [Moved] SOE should merge F2P and Live servers
  78. AoD, what will they deliver on?
  79. Cash Shop question
  80. Missing Cast Speed
  81. Proof that EQ2 is flawless
  82. Very Depressed right now - Population
  83. Guys your making the SWG mistake all over again
  84. Can you make something we can do with Status?
  85. Fix the mystic dog.
  86. Unrest go boom!
  87. Servers just crash?
  88. Did someone forget to feed the Guk Hamsters?
  89. Splitpaw
  90. The / command
  91. Splitpaw login servers down?
  92. Drop rates of appearance greaves in Hollow Hedge
  93. Raid/Heroic Loot Needs to be Smartloot.
  94. YouTube Streaming Furniture In-game?
  95. What is a Beastlord?
  96. Do we have to pay for the new "Expansion Pack" ?
  97. Quest rewards and no-trade armor for sale on broker.
  98. How about an SC section for the forums?
  99. Playing from China
  100. What is wrong with this picture?
  101. What ever happened to beetny AA calculator?
  102. Happy Birthday EQ2
  103. Coldain as playable race idea
  104. Statue of Overlord Lucan De'lere
  105. [Moved] SPLITPAW again
  106. [Moved] Login server?
  107. Double EXP for Veteran's Day weekend?
  108. Playing what you like vs playing what others like you to play
  109. where's "Beta"? AoD's release is around the corner.
  110. Visit broken
  111. Which Items had the Red Adornment Slot Replaced
  112. Veteran Revival
  113. Server Down - Antonia Bayle
  114. Inflation in Norrath
  115. Dear SOE, the next time you do something like the shard price removal from Ry'Gorr Armor...
  116. so what was the big eq2 news on tuesday ?
  117. We have info about Beastlord armor type and main stat ?
  118. T9 Fertilizer, Plant Food, & Water
  119. Please make Cloudy Velium Jewels Heirloom
  120. Veteran's Elemental Unusable below level 85
  121. Webcast for 11/9/2011 at 4:30PM PST, anyone have password?
  122. Let me buy Vet Time using Station Cash
  123. Forum Notifications and Official Announcements vs. Twitter Feeds
  124. Couple of Noob questions
  125. Question about Forum Mods
  126. Official Free to Play Announcement Feedback Thread
  127. Procs Not sticking. (Procs bugged?)
  128. hahaha AoD 40 bucks.
  129. "EQ2 is not a "free to play" game, so microtransactions are unlikely to ever have the "front seat"
  130. Can players get Legendary player status/title?
  131. It's time for a vote of confidence/no confidence in Smokejumper
  132. Canceling Recruit - A - Friend with no warning before a new expansion?
  133. Subscription Question -- EQ and Vanguard?
  134. Fan Faire CE of expansion
  135. Will Bazaar / Vox players keep everything?
  136. All Access moving to Gold... so what about those 10 Slots?
  137. Possible Changes to Refer-A-Friend Promotion
  138. Will purchasing
  139. Can you remove the penalty you recieve for grouping?
  140. Expac costs for multi account subs.
  141. Why Free To Play does not really gives us subscribers more options
  142. The really big question!.......... $40 for the expansion, really!!!!!
  143. Can fan faire expansion packs be upgraded to collectors again
  144. Confused re: status of Freebloods post-merger
  145. All Access account with full character slots on both EQ2 and EQ2X
  146. Has AoD beta started yet?
  147. Name Changes
  148. Will AOD pre-orders
  149. Masters if you Pause subscription
  150. Reasonable changes to be made to the current Free 2 play model.
  151. Webcast Question: Are you gonna bring Fighter Healing Criticals back?
  152. coin limit for free and silver
  153. Will we have new AA's or an Old AA revamp?
  154. Beastlord class betraying?
  155. Freeport revamp better be awesome
  156. SoE all question
  157. Suggest poll questions for new ingame polling by SOE
  158. Re-enabling certain marketplace item gifting abilites.
  159. /Petition Broken?
  160. One big problem with AoD.
  161. Shard chests removed from level 90 (scaled) TSO zones?
  162. Is the Guise of the Deceiver broken?
  163. Bazaar to Freeport to ?
  164. Naggy coming up anytime soon?
  166. No Producer's Letter feedback thread?
  167. Nothing to see here....
  168. Age of Discovery - Will we see the illusive Aataltaal make an appearance?
  169. Paying for AoD with SC?
  170. Free to play transition in December will ruin EQ2.
  171. Is SOE ready to handle the influx?
  172. Station Access and Character Slots
  173. transfer toon from freeport to everfrost?
  174. Thursday's Webcast?
  175. Does AoD expansion include the DoV expansion?
  176. Infos on new EQII Live
  177. Server Transfer
  178. When is the next Double SC Event?
  179. Can we bring this back? Please?
  180. Bazaar merging with Freeport - option for different server?
  181. AoD dependancy on Dov?
  182. Nagafen is down?
  183. Beastlord betrayal?
  184. Existing multi-month subs?
  185. Can someone please help me to understand how i will be impatced
  186. Questions about F2P that haven't been asked
  187. Recruit-A-Friend status?
  188. An idea for attracting new players to low-pop servers
  189. Slot dilemma handled Thanks SJ happy dance
  190. Let us pre-order using Paypal and I'll even think about getting the CE as a form of thanks.
  191. Rumours Antonia Bayle is losing its RP Tag
  192. Why no AA announcement?
  193. Feature Expansions for Station Cash / $
  194. Character slots by region affected...how?
  195. Unable to Login -
  196. Shared Banks
  197. Old content should neither be required to run current content, nor a waste of time
  198. DoV CE digial
  199. Any double or triple SC offers upcoming?
  200. Is my math off? (cost of subscription)
  201. Constructive Criticism On Recent Issues
  202. 500 Free Station Cash Per Month-Too good to be true?
  203. Merger name change question
  204. New Freeport... A complaint
  205. What Happens to Our Plat in F2P?
  206. Downloading the Game
  207. Character Level Requirement for Rating Homes Before F2P??
  208. EQ2X platinum players get AoD Free?
  209. Guides from EQ2 to EQ2X
  210. Really ? you are going to strip me and make me go naked unless I pay ?
  211. Class unlocks
  212. With F2P can classes be unlocked?
  213. [Moved] Splitpaw Unraidable
  214. [Moved] Valor Server is laging atm
  215. Is beta now a lottery?
  216. Quick question
  217. What is the benefit for Pre-Order?
  218. A friendly suggestion to all those with Extended matrix questions....
  219. Guild Charters & Research Reducers with the all F2P conversion
  220. Anti-kite code MUST be revised
  221. Design Your Own Dungeon - Destined to Fail if it goes live like planned.
  222. Do Not Make Beastlords SCOUTS !!!
  223. Guild Recruitment
  224. DYOD - a quick question
  225. Any race with decent two handed animations? Does race even matter, or is it more to do with class?
  226. Name stealing a reality?
  227. Where is the full patch note ?
  228. SoE Free to Play MMOs: Why such a drastic difference with EQ2?
  229. Anyone else not able to see their cloak?
  230. Complaining about complaining...
  231. Past Purchased Expansions...Unlocks Content, No?
  232. Loot tables need to be worked on
  233. Very well done indeed
  234. account age and veteran revard calculations?
  235. Existing sub who bought DOV xpac, as F2P will I still have access to DOV?
  236. Ships in Everquest 2
  237. Anyway to SEE whats on the marketplace in EQ2X without playing eq2x?
  238. Question on mercenaries
  239. Will gold be strictly limited to 7 total characters or will there be flexibility in some cases?
  240. free server transfers for splitpaw people
  241. Question about shard of love appearance sword
  242. Positives and Negatives for current subbers with FTP change
  243. Mage/Priest: Switching from melee auto attack to ranged everytime we cast a spell
  244. Purchased character slots and F2P...what happens?
  245. Antonia Bayle voiceover?
  246. Servers go down?
  247. Servers down with no announcement?
  248. Rumor about houses in Freeport update
  249. New Player -- What expansions do I have to buy?
  250. Research Reducer Items: