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  1. Crit Mit 68.5%... w/o any gear equiped... after GU61
  2. wow when did SK become more DPS more saves and more def then paly
  3. Flying Squirel Glider is bugged - cant use.
  4. Spells Rank 1+ unavalible?
  5. Multi attack
  6. Redo AA?
  7. AA Mirrors
  8. just noticed that there is Good, neutal, and evil races?
  9. Lots of New Fighter Items Missing MA and have too much Critical Chance/Bonus/Potency.
  10. Kind of a noob question here, what is a 'professional spell'?
  11. A few bugs in game for months.
  12. SK Tree expertise abilities not unlocking.
  13. I Need Help with Glitch!
  14. Deirdre's Lavaliere & Missing Ranger Weapon after update
  15. Any chance of a more elegant version of the 'AA Mirror'
  16. All freeport guildhalls are not available on Crushbone server
  17. AA mirror
  18. [Moved] Can't log in. Error message inside.
  19. [Moved] Keep getting booted to character screen after respeccing AA
  20. VP loot !!
  21. Much thanks =)
  22. [Moved] Crushbone down? Can't log in
  23. Crushbone server just went down
  24. Making all AA's useful, thats your goal right?
  25. EverFrost server Down
  26. Major UI font discrepancy on non-US servers discovered, eye-saving info
  27. WTB DoV Faction Quest Lines for the other factions (Like was added for Orcs)
  28. SC no longer be used to buy LoN?
  29. moving
  30. Why You Nerf my necro
  31. The Thurgadin house - Can we please get an item count bump.
  32. Handcrafted and Mastercrafted equipment completely devalued by GU 61
  33. Melee priest CA's turing off auto attack turning on ranged
  34. Guildhalls still not availabe on Valor
  35. what is the purpose of new EQ Next? "EQ3", what visions promised?
  36. Installing an update
  37. Can't log in to toons in GH on Nag
  38. Lucky Wolf Paw
  39. Kicked from game... certainly not a tragedy but...
  40. Returning Paly - some old guy noob questions
  41. Can not log in
  42. Beastlord Prelude #1? What is that?
  43. guild transfer
  44. Upcoming double SC sale is also a double XP event for EQ2
  45. Moonlite Grottos
  46. Where can i send ideas/feedback for EQNext?
  47. Reboot Please
  48. Why do all cloaks look like chain now?
  49. disregard
  50. All Troubadours should wear a red hat or change their hair color to red.
  51. Still Think SC is a good idea
  52. Where did the agility go? (gear issue)
  53. So Where are my discoveries????
  54. Guild Hall server down??
  55. Strange Happenings!
  56. Maybe I missed it...
  57. Some Red Adorns No Longer Sold For Primal Velium Shards
  58. A portable "chronomagi" device?
  59. Constructive Feedback from a long-time avid player, and Raid Leader
  60. Don't you just hate it when
  61. I have to ask...
  62. LOL LOVE IT!!
  63. Can't you write a script that will boot all logged off chars from guild hall?
  64. Oasis - Cannot Log In - If Toons In Guild Hall.
  65. Zerker vs Guardian '11
  66. Combat Arts Missing
  67. A polite request for an armor exhange merchant
  68. Pets Agro'ing As soon as the Tank Pullz (Since the AA update)
  69. HQ items don't seem convertable any more....
  70. Game update notes
  71. Zek and Zek
  72. T1 T2 guild halls down
  73. Griffins Not Working?
  74. FPS Cap - Need A Way To Set The Maximum Framerate
  75. Looking for an idea for an online tool or ipad app for EQ2
  76. what was soe thinking?
  77. Lost my War rune... :/
  78. Anyone else have today's Unattune fail to work completely?
  79. How about a separate section for SC items?
  80. Is there anyway to upgrade to Launcher V3 without a reinstall?
  81. Not gaining AA
  82. Swimming animation bugged? 8/30/11
  83. Top five little things you want changed/fixed with EQ2 (within reason)
  84. Bonus exp weekend
  85. Housing leaderboard BLACK SCREEN
  86. [Moved] Try to login give Fatal Error after patch
  87. Should I be able to easily kill red cons?
  88. Server Choices
  89. Too many people.
  90. Shady Swashbuckler Missing?
  91. Buffing
  92. Hot Fix for Thursday?
  93. Double xp weekend Dates/Times don't match
  94. Strikethrough question, red name plz answer
  95. Question about double XP weekend coming up.
  96. [Moved] Disappointed.
  97. Can you please undo whatever is causing people to get kicked to character select over and over?
  98. Unattuning woe/adorn popoff woes
  99. Quick Deity Question
  100. Melee question
  101. Darklight Woods Aether race missing on Crushbone
  102. Nektulos Forest Griffin Bug.
  103. Fix the ultimate stat: CritMit
  104. New housing leaderboards, decorating? How about decorative axe quest?
  105. Various server delay/disconnect issues
  106. Kunark Expansion not dropping loot, bugged and PM's 8/19 still not fixed
  107. SOE plz bring back dumpster diving from eq1!!
  108. Just an idea...
  109. Epic starter not dropping..
  110. 9/1 Hotfix forgot something...
  111. less than 2 months asd few weeks, where is Age of Discovery teaser and pre-order?
  112. The one time world event Prodigious loot should not be changed like this
  113. [Moved] Learning to fly
  114. Cross-game chat channel not working
  115. Shouldn't there be a bonus for grouping rather than playing solo
  116. Canceled accounts get to come back for free this weekend?
  117. Betrayal and Tier 4 Abilities
  118. aa resets on zone
  119. Optional voice overs?
  120. bonus xp nerfed on collections, that's terrible!!!
  121. Station Cash NOT BONUS
  122. [Moved] EQ2Flames website and Viruses...
  123. [Moved] Unable to buy station cash
  124. SC Flying Mount Level Requirement for Crafters
  125. I really want to like the new launchpad... BUT...
  126. Fortune Teller/Casino SC items
  127. Any players in Toronto know...
  128. Guild House Rating
  129. 950 SC xp/aa/ts potions arent working
  130. Fae flight issue.
  131. Destiny of Velious
  132. Someone might want to alert...
  133. Estate of Unrest - Is it bugged?
  134. No-loot bug in Eastern Wastes
  135. Stats and Such on Low Level Gear - Seems Balanced to Me, Not OP at All
  136. I Came Back For A Min
  137. Bug - Constant mobs under the world in Kylong Plains
  138. time to change mentor system - quad kiters of EQ2
  139. Authenticator dealiebop.
  140. Welcome here's a vulrich wait no you resubscribed no vulrich for you!
  141. You cannot do that in combat.
  143. If Gifting is "disabled"
  144. Merge the servers and make them all f2p
  145. What races do you prefer to play and why?
  146. Ranking the class enervated Epic weapons from 1-24
  147. Isle of Mara is missing on every bell!
  148. Guild recruit window - room for improvement?
  149. you do not have permission to publish houses
  150. Mystic Moppet (Billy Doll) in-game as a non-house pet?
  151. November Expansion.
  152. Welcome Screen Additions - Dominance Quests, etc
  153. Prime Cornicen HM - Majorly Bugged.
  154. AA question
  155. Qho Augren
  156. Crit mit removal?
  157. Intro movie from Greater Faydark, gone?
  158. The Level 10
  159. Market place, house items restriction.
  160. How cool would it be....
  161. Still No Time for Troubadors?
  162. Ding for the DEVS... WHOOT!!!
  163. Suggestions: Island in the sky property & Personal Harvesting Chests, etc.
  164. [Moved] Game Keeps Cancelling Update
  165. Have you ever put a raiding guildie on ignore?
  166. Level 85 Station Cash Mount and can't fly?
  167. Removing Crit Chance?
  168. Thank you Guides
  169. Where is everyone.......?
  170. I've never seen DoV rare stones for Fabled MC gear
  171. [Moved] Question on spells
  172. [Moved] Talisman of the Ethernauts
  173. AAs, Attuning and Adorning Might Need Re-thinking Based on Frequency of Revisions
  174. Constructive Feedback on issues with newly added, and newly "nerfed" gear
  175. summoner pet stats
  176. November expansion - to beta or not to beta?
  177. Why the undocumented lowering of crit on above 80 gear
  178. Yet another massive change to gear...will it ever end ?
  179. No Challenge
  180. Whats up with my Crit Chance lowered today?
  181. Mercenaries and Secondary Accounts
  182. Hardware question
  183. AA Not Fully Saved in Mirror
  184. Pure Primal Velium Shards from x2 Please
  185. Procs That Dont Work.
  186. Since we're server merging...
  187. It's always the same..
  188. Any word on Nagafen?
  189. Critical Mitigation question for you who know
  190. A small request for the launcher
  191. Are there really more server merges or was that a rumor?
  192. Dear SOE: Please, Everyone Take a Deep Breath
  193. Raidgear VS Heroic Instances - or: The Effect of Raidgear on heroic gameplay
  194. AA Tree Sites
  195. World chat channels all down on Guk?
  196. LFG??
  197. Sneak Peek pic of the new Rooster Mount with a Kerran rider
  198. EoW rare charms!
  199. Any good news for the Bazaar or Vox in the near future ?
  200. Faction Token for Alts
  201. Something I would like to see in a MMO
  202. [Moved] Oasis down?
  203. [Moved] Camp Fire
  204. Housing leaderboards question
  205. Ranger: leather, Mystic/Defiler: cloth, Berserker: chainmail. Wouldn't be better?
  206. Returning player requesting class advice.
  207. AA reset, mirror?
  208. Kunark Sokokar Travel
  209. My Thoughts on EQII After a Long Absence
  210. funny question..
  211. /ignore in specific channels only?
  212. [Moved] Tombs of Night
  213. [Moved] Item not sent! Transfer Asset Failure
  214. [Moved] Login Server down?
  215. Griffon on Nek Docks when going to Darklight Wood
  216. Dungeon Finder ETA?
  217. Please Help - Wierd Lighting Issue Bugging Me
  218. Newbie Question regarding XP gain
  219. DOV $29.00 everywhere but Station Cash?
  220. "Accessories should now start seeing crit starting...at 60"
  221. BUG: Adventure Writ Agent in Guild Hall
  222. Now that there are rare mobs dropping unique-ish items....
  223. Returning Player
  224. Adorning lower level items
  225. Leadership AA
  226. When new items get added to old quests, esp house items
  227. Should there be more incentives/rewards to encourage ppl to do more quests?
  228. Crit Chance level 60+
  229. The Bazaar - still not fully working after SOE's power outage.
  230. AA Level Limits?
  231. Gifting | What's the new restrictions?
  232. [Moved] Warlock's Blast of Devastation - Nerfed or bugged?
  233. Many items missing Red/Yellow Slots
  234. My Templar hammer is lazy, won't attack.
  235. Did they nerf crit chance again?
  236. eq2 name generator
  237. Betrayal
  238. Guild Hall Question
  239. A week of EQ2: I have to say...
  240. 50 mount limit?
  241. Does Fearless Morale stack? What about Aura of Leadership?
  242. Frostwind Items Crit Mit
  243. Dressing Room bugged?
  244. Guild Events for fabeled items.
  245. Lockout Window has invalid names for zones
  246. Nathan Ironforge
  247. Suggestion: Guild Hall Music amenity idea
  248. Pick a Problem, offer a solution
  249. EQ2 Platinum Subscription
  250. Public Quests