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  1. Worst GU Since I've Been Playing
  2. Disregard
  3. Neutral class now, why cant i move to any city i choose without betraying ?
  4. Station Launcher problems
  5. New animations/SOUNDS very annoying
  6. Research Progress button gone from new UI
  7. New low level ability changes wiped out my Masters
  8. Live updates and regular updates
  9. An option to use old spell graphics / sounds
  10. Combat EXP pots 110% now.
  11. [Moved] Funny pet moment to share
  12. Hidden EXP Nerf? Looks that way....
  13. Update Changed Master Spell research
  14. [Moved] AA xp in BG BG
  15. [Moved] Eq2players on bazaar
  16. /camp character not working for hidden characters
  17. [Moved] Nope I'm sorry....this is it...I'm gone.
  18. Doom Judgement
  19. I just changed from an Illusionist to an Inquisitor.
  20. No implied target?
  21. Details Button missing On Character
  22. EQ2 Maps?
  23. Hotkey for the new EQ2 button?
  24. Stop the holy grail folly ...
  25. New default blue does not work.
  26. Cyclone nerf intended?
  27. 5mn RL time to find out that the server is down ....
  28. Innovation always excessively patched at raid primetimes
  29. Not so much gameplay issue, just and issue with bad attitudes.
  30. SC Marketplace Button on Our Experience Bar
  31. Where did the Splitpaw board go?
  32. What where the devs thinking?
  33. My GU57 impressions thus far
  34. Where to leave ALL GU 57 Feedback
  35. neutral to evil alignment
  36. Help I want my old UI back
  37. Why is it you can never get the downtime right?
  38. Ratonga
  39. anyone able to get eq2maps to work with the new quest helper/map changes?
  40. Welcome screen help
  41. Gonna go on a Limb here...Particle Effects...
  42. Right-click Maintained Spells.. click on Hide Text.. client crashes.
  43. About the SC Marketplace Button on the Exerience Bar and What It Means for Our Future
  44. Thanks for ruining the UI
  45. I found something I like in GU57
  46. Is it just me or did my equipped items window pictures shrink this update
  47. Perks for Live Subscriptions - Clarification Needed
  48. Release Notes
  49. The sky if falling?
  50. All my hotbars are black? How do I fix this?
  51. download cancelled?
  52. general question about changing cities
  53. Please, a list of how to show windowslike Clock, Navigation etc
  54. Leveling, spells on hotbars randomly being replaced.
  55. Mini Map won't show me time and/or compass
  56. EQ2 to WOW
  57. Housing Items
  58. DPS from dual wielding > DPS from 2H... right?
  59. Scribing New Spell Tiers
  60. Will there be an official announcement as to whether old animation graphics will return?
  61. With all the new neutrality...
  62. Getting epic weapon back..
  63. Massive lag spikes on all SOE sites / EQ2
  64. Hey Devs, Thanks!
  65. Can't sort on zone anymore in questjournal
  66. Cant logg in some chars cause of the UI.
  67. P2P versus F2P?
  68. Missing Mounts... Found On Marketplace!
  69. Question for the Development team
  70. Quest log change since GU on 8/18
  71. Weapons and Apparance slots with the new GU57
  72. Is this what we waited for?!?!!?!
  73. Trying login server #1 - 9
  74. [Moved] DEVS: Please allow us an option to turn on old animations.
  75. Neutral Classes and Dieties.
  76. [Moved] Hate the start / sc / exp window?
  77. Has the UI blue color change been fixed to persist thru logging yet?
  78. Brother gave me this game ,need help please
  79. European or American server
  80. [Moved] When will there be an official feedback from the feedback post?
  81. When does the community player base think there will be feedback from the feedback post?
  82. [Moved] Could someone please explain how to get UI settings to persist through logout?
  83. Vitality
  84. Free religion!
  85. 3 Month GU Cycle
  86. My new XP bar and window locations keep moving
  87. Marketplace Server Change Gone??
  88. Harvesting bug since update
  89. Betraying.
  90. Stealth Change to Mandate wiped my group.
  91. [Moved] Problem creating character
  92. Waypoint bug - Very Annoying
  93. $10 to create a guild?
  94. [Moved] just how popular is our rival game?
  95. [Moved] Sony motto "oops we did it again" losing more gamers!
  96. LFG options
  97. new mark items in moonfield?
  99. Please reconsider the sound changes
  100. What do you do with a guild when your the leader and plan to leave eq2
  101. RAF - problems with subscriber listed features
  102. North ,East , South , West
  103. Problem with Character Window ...
  104. Request for character slots to be sold on the marketplace
  105. So the plan is to keep retention non-existing?
  106. [Moved] Why would anyone really use "EQ2 extended" for more than a trial?
  107. [Moved] Solution to SC button
  108. What about GU57 Did they expect us to love?
  109. Froglock assasins?
  110. Serious server lag on Unrest today
  111. [Moved] Weapons in dressing room
  112. [Moved] Live servers have no fear, EQx is a massive failure as a F2P.
  113. Class Change Potion
  114. Anyone getting better performance with GU57?
  115. [Moved] Sundered Frontier completely lagged out
  116. Fan Faire 2010 Cloak?
  117. Rampant Lag
  118. Best CC class?
  119. Serious class problems
  120. Universal Trial: /Claim
  121. EQ2 Choose Your Own Adventure - splash screen is mislabeled
  122. EQ2X Broke my EQ2Live Subscription
  123. [Moved] Can the dev tracker be fixed?
  124. Veteran Rewards
  125. Threat Window
  126. The "so-called" Live subscription perks, Live servers and EQ2X.
  127. ZOMG quit randomly replacing things on my hotbars when i level
  128. Quest helper window resetting on invite.
  129. Unplayable lag in SF on Unrest
  130. Crushbone Down?
  131. Chrushbone down
  132. Does Sony all access 29.99 accounts give Gold status in eq2 extended beta?
  133. Floors not rendering in Gorowyn
  134. [Moved] We need a Poll, how many people are staying live and how many going X?
  135. Question with new player account VS paid full account
  136. Reverting back to 7 toons
  137. In the future...
  138. Feedback On New UI,Map system,quest helper or stick with Profit UI and eq 2 maps?
  139. Question for some people ... was there ever a /face command
  140. UI Reseting
  141. Guk lag is unplayable.
  142. LAG LAG and more LAG FIX PLEASE!
  143. [Moved] GUK Server issues
  144. [Moved] Login Server Crash
  145. [Moved] Antonia Bayle Lagging to Hell at 7:30 EST
  146. [Moved] Login Rejected / Timed out
  147. [Moved] Station Launcher
  148. [Moved] Crushbone unplayable lagging so bad
  149. [Moved] Oasis is experiencing 30 second+ lag spikes again.. as of about 10 minutes ago (12:30GMT)
  150. Refer a friend?
  151. [Moved] Bag Sorting
  152. Did GU57 effect Norrathian Gravity?
  153. Status Items - Status point contribution to Guild unfair to low rated toons
  154. Zoning
  155. Which Live server is the highest population?
  156. [Moved] lol Boom
  157. Some of the more neglected class issues getting attention soon?
  158. Friend went from 52 to 77 in 8hours, intentional?
  159. macro and dps bar
  160. [Moved] are live servers feeling it yet?
  161. Quest tracking on map
  162. RAF now has a time limit?
  163. Antonia Bayle server
  164. Question about guild halls
  165. Rares abd EQX
  166. Lagging much when boxing on one PC?
  167. [Moved] Theer 4 rune
  168. [Moved] Returned to the game....rolled an Illy...have I made a mistake?
  169. [Moved] Nerfed my beloved SK!
  170. Eq2 Live to Eq2 extended beta character copy transfer for 35$ How do you do it?
  171. RAF bonus and if I subscribe directly?
  172. Is there a way to change or inactivate a specific sound effect?
  173. Character flight
  174. Pure White Cloth Boots?
  175. For those folks who cant make travel to Fan Faire and got few questions
  176. Assist mechanic while tanking
  177. that character cannot be logged in. you have exceded the max character amount
  178. [Moved] Computer Issues
  179. [Moved] So who's cancelled there sub?
  180. SERVER DOWN... AGAIN???
  181. Is there a high level starting server?
  182. Can someone please confirm or deny this.....
  183. Betrayal Not Resetting Some Masters - Intended or Glitch?
  184. [Moved] The Gu57 Feedback of the feedback thread!
  185. [Moved] Do you as a player and member of the community feel that Gu57 was in your interest!
  186. Two-way Feedback?
  187. Temporary lift of the previous SA accounts
  188. Attn: Devs, Quest Journal Sorting messed up
  189. Why was this promise not kept? (Regarding the recent character slot change)
  190. Seperate charge for extra slots?
  191. Pssst rednames - EQ2players is seriously borked
  192. Wow Sony (quest line you get a 45% mount oh wait patch now 25%
  193. A great starting server?
  194. [Moved] Changes to mastercrafted?
  195. Killing the Welcome Screen (again)
  196. [Moved] need new throwing weapons, Shoes!
  197. Please i'm begging you.. Merge Splitpaw & Runnyeye EU servers
  198. New Port to Qeynos/Freeport on the map question
  199. Raids not being able to zone into Palace ?
  200. [Moved] Well, this is it. My letter to the devs
  201. Recruit a Friend
  202. Clarification
  203. Heroic Opportunity Changes??
  204. Sony 75$ Month we pay Missing 5 extra character slots per account, station access
  205. its a conspiracy..
  206. Please open up Runnyeye and Splitpaw now ?
  207. Damage
  208. Mr. John Smedley i really like some sort of official responce from youre company
  209. [Moved] EQ2 Live + EQ2X - A proposal to suit everyone...maybe.
  210. [Moved] EverQuest II Extended: Redeemed - THOROUGHLY Edited: 8-23-2010
  211. [Moved] Great example of how NOT to CS
  212. [Moved] Where I really see this going on
  213. New Spell effect discussion
  214. Which is fastest betrayal from Faydark to Neriak?
  215. Implied Target Arrow Opacity - We Can Has Slider?
  216. Must have missed it
  217. Good starting location
  218. [Moved] Those who dont learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  219. [Moved] Troubador song : Painful Lamentations has been nerfed with latest patch?
  220. [Moved] Marketplace Problems?
  221. [Moved] Appearance Gear - Shield
  222. [Moved] One big bag ui
  223. [Moved] PvP needs work, When most rather be a twink
  224. [Moved] Ranger and Assassin
  225. This game is truly amazing...
  226. Magic Storm Whistle
  227. Station Access Accounts - No Multi-Month, No Extras, No Nothing
  228. Bonus exp this Labor day?
  229. Sony why were eq 2 Live Server offical forums removed?
  230. Hi Bonus XP this weekend and next ? T/F?
  231. Soga Models we dont like animition games, anyway to turn orignal Models on?
  232. Can you guys build me a ship to live on?
  233. [Moved] How to get EQ2 to start up on secondary monitor every time?
  234. [Moved] Another cancelled account - (
  235. [Moved] Good bye, maybe for the last time.
  236. I see where this is going (not that I needed anymore proof)
  237. < pls remove >
  238. Fan Faire Fixes are coming
  239. Can I get a real comparision?
  240. [Moved] Syfak Curse
  241. [Moved] Slow zoning tonight on Splitpaw
  242. CA/spell auto replace on toolar
  243. It could be worse...
  244. Dungeon lockouts
  245. [Moved] an open challenge to smokejumper. lets see if he auctally accpets
  246. [Moved] need help please
  247. [Moved] Downloading the game.
  248. Everquest 2 Crashes + Will not close
  249. New Mounts
  250. [Moved] Bye bye EQ2