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  1. Any eta on tinkerfest?
  2. Pvp wards
  3. Just returned to Norrath, what to do?
  4. Login servers down? 9am gmt 20/7
  5. Moonlight Enchantment - push the switch maybe ?
  6. Guild Strategist... gees hows a small guild suppoes to get into raiding.
  7. What is the best class to PL
  8. Is Greater Faydark broken?
  9. So I was offered a free name change...
  10. What classes get AOE auto attack?
  11. GAME UNPLAYABLE after today matinience of Guk....
  12. Any guilds that are mainly old EQ 1 players around?
  13. Station cash transferable via character transfer?
  14. What do you offer to level 90 Guilds?
  15. Something to say about Sony
  16. Did the server boards get nuked?
  17. [Moved] Human Females. This was originally going to be a rant, but
  18. An In-Game Item Question
  19. Various races in armor?
  20. Any chance of more x2 zones?
  21. Quick question about Armor
  22. Marketplace Backpack -- extra bag slot for SC?
  23. Higher lvl HQ's and the need for Crafting...
  24. House visitor access
  25. Request for quick reply option as a topic starter.
  26. Why do I always have to reselect my chat windows on my main guy?
  27. Login Servers down??
  28. [Moved] Swashie question but thier boards are slooooooow....
  29. Less Spammy combat (consolidate abilities)
  30. All Servers are NOT up, and it's certainly NOT intuitive.
  31. Antonia Bayle is up!
  32. So AB Went Splat...again...
  33. Update notes??
  34. AOE farming.
  35. Speed in dungeons?
  36. Having to do full scan of game for every upgrade, patch and hotfix
  37. [Moved] New idea for advancement of the guild hall Training dummies
  38. Hotfix: July 22nd
  39. Seriously since when did cheating become acceptable?
  40. Lite Combat Tracker Version 1.2.6 Released!
  41. Teach me about ability modifiers and what they do....
  42. [Moved] Without installing Profit, is there a mod to show (just) weapon swings/time?
  43. [Moved] I don't need the molds anymore for T3 shard armor???
  44. [Moved] Help with Templar..
  45. Favorite NPC Voiceovers
  46. Suggestion for a new feature.
  47. Learning goblin language ?
  48. [Moved] Race change Potion - alignment?
  49. [Moved] Anyone play EQ2 on a laptop (long thread) technical problem
  50. [Moved] Starter area, and getting out of it
  51. does anyone use G-13, G-15,???
  52. AFK Boot and Legends of Norrath
  53. [Moved] Problems in the Sanctum of fear
  54. [Moved] Has your server gotten tinkerfest guide love?
  55. Poor Fergus
  56. [Moved] WARNING!!!
  57. Rumore of a Double XP/TS event during Fan Fair?
  58. Grouping
  59. Amazed at how crappy the reward is for some HQ'.>> A Thorn of old...
  60. Merchant Filters
  61. Dear Sony
  62. Faction Help: The Royal Antonican Guard
  63. Moving server and days earned on Researcher
  64. [Moved] Just bought EQII :The Complete Collection
  65. [Moved] Need help, We put in a ticket but we are told things are fine...
  66. New Features
  67. Location of Adventure Writs - Sentinel's Fate
  68. EQ2 going F2P, check this out...
  69. [Moved] Antonia Bayle - Looking for Satanic Guild that welcomes all.
  70. Big Announcement?
  71. Independent Free-to-Play Service comes to EQ2
  72. Free to play announced
  73. Where will F2P accounts be?
  74. EQII Extended...Station account players can't do multiple months
  75. What will happen to current live servers?
  76. Who is where in SoE?
  77. Unattune Items & Trade Items to your other Account
  78. Question for Mr. Smokejumper (constructive)
  79. Boxing myself.
  80. Bank storage oddities
  81. Who are the podcast women?
  82. Noob question on XP debt....
  83. Server Populations Future.
  84. why do I play this game?
  85. Gear Progession
  86. "Cosmetic Pets"
  87. Crafting future
  88. Devs where are you?
  89. So you want to be revolutionary? A suggestion
  90. I can no longer run twice on one computer
  91. Really?
  92. Logged back in this evening to no characters?
  93. Nagafen Server Upgrade
  94. RAF changed to EQ2X client?
  95. What's going on?
  96. Scalable Zones
  97. Whats going on with Voice servers? (permafrost)
  98. What to do Now...?
  99. A design overview for classes? Really? What will they think of next?
  100. Us and Eu account.
  101. Marketplace and FTP discrepency - why?
  102. we hate!! mentoring (for devs)
  103. Please help. I can't get my harvesting skills above 330.
  104. EU Region Default
  105. Why get upset over treasured quality gear on marketplace?
  106. This is how the New Extended servers and Live servers should interact
  107. [Moved] I QUIT!
  108. [Moved] Hjälp mig snälla?
  109. Some Factions, for what reason ?
  110. Future GUs
  111. Help Understanding Scalable Raiding
  112. [Moved] New Title Ideas
  113. my characters are not showing up at Character select screen?!?
  114. Additional Character Slots
  115. Chatchannels 1-9 and up to 90
  116. The community is a lot differn't in this game now.
  117. Will there be an open PvP server for the free-to-play EQ2 service?
  118. eq2x - 39 gigs force install?
  119. Cannot Locate Character
  120. Wil we ever have the Daily/weekly mark mission on the EQ2 welcome screen?!?
  121. Whats wrong with the VOICE servers?
  122. Better Broker System
  123. [Moved] SC items -- some Nice ones on EQ2EX
  124. [Moved] hide the loot window
  125. [Moved] Level 78 now. Most horrible time I experienced was low level pvp.
  126. [Moved] Simple question (probably dumb) but WHERE is the festival in Kelethin located?
  127. [Moved] TOMC
  128. [Moved] How do I craft?
  129. BG gear is ruining PvE...
  130. So the new yearly fee will be 200$ ?
  131. Sometimes those darn google ads are so appropriate
  132. VERY bad days
  133. My take on the introduction of EQ2X and how it affects EQ2
  134. Update Today?
  135. Noob impressions and questions
  136. Game cards and such
  137. [Moved] Anyone else with login problems?
  138. General feedback from a new player
  139. Guild Strategist suggestion
  140. Curious
  141. Please make the EQ2Live servers F2P
  142. Where are all my players at? Legends of Norrath needs you now!
  143. Update: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 What really changed?
  144. Just merge the classes already....
  145. Exchange Servers with Merges
  146. [Moved] Not getting voice chat channel invites?
  147. Server transfers possible on runnyeye?
  148. AA with Shaders 3.0 and Darkness settings
  149. How do you prefer travelling? Horses or Griffins?
  150. In Game Broadcast of Fan faire?
  151. LCT Version 1.2.7 Released!
  152. Replay Value
  153. Is this against the rules
  154. [Moved] Spell Animations
  155. Fan Fair Steaming!
  156. Need Help lost all HotBars!!
  157. Smokejumper on Raiding
  158. Necro currently at lvl 20...
  159. Sad news from Fan Faire
  160. Give me your thoughts on this...
  161. [Moved] Smokejumper says subs have been solid since Feb, does it feel like that to you?
  162. Question from an old EQ1 player..
  163. Where goes the limit to be Overpowered class ?
  164. clicked wrong button...
  165. Disappearing Waypoints
  166. Questions that were not asked at the Fan Faire.... (constructive)
  167. What's the purpose of not being able to enter a zone that was created prior to my zone?
  168. Why is the game down?
  169. Today's update
  170. [Moved] Curious, would you be okay with EQ2X on Live Servers?
  171. [Moved] Why are 90 tso chests still giving Void shards????????
  172. How was Fanfair?
  173. Why is the game down 2.0
  174. Server downtime notifications
  175. Make transfers free for Platinum Pass subscribers
  176. LCT Version 1.2.8 Released!
  177. [Moved] Health constantly dropping
  178. Where are the rules to this game?
  179. [Moved] FAME DECAY NOT GOOD!
  180. [Merged] Will downtime be over by 10 am Tuesday morning?
  181. [Moved] well thats that
  182. So how does your guild handle loot? (raiding)
  183. Something to look forward to?
  184. Subscriptions - Station Access
  185. I believe that SOE should reconsider Eq2X decisions
  186. Vote button for To-Do list...with sc cash back
  187. Suddenly the game cant find my toon !!?!
  188. Crow: Its whats for dinner!
  189. Crouching to mitigate fear effects?
  190. Wolves of Antonica
  191. Really really bad lag
  192. [Moved] Wow.. you guys are working hard at making items for Station Marketplace...
  193. This game's social structure has gone down the can...
  194. [Moved] No...[Moved] Wow.. you guys are working hard at making items for Station Marketplace...
  195. Evervated and spell procs...
  196. New to the game what is a good solo class
  197. EQ2X Quest: Can a friend who starts on EQ2X move to their char to a Reg Server later?
  198. EQ2X Quest: I play on Full Pay server - can my daughter start on the Free Pay server in her own acct
  199. Hiring the subscriberbase to make F2P work on live without RMT item shops
  200. [Moved] King's Legacy
  201. Nvidia 3D vision
  202. [Moved] betrayel quest
  203. A feature Id like to see in EQ2
  204. [Moved] suspension to a cancelled account ?! lol
  205. Login server timeouts... 30 second+ lag spikes on Oasis (and I imagine other servers)
  206. Server down... EU only?
  207. Antonia Bayle Issues No Chat Channels / Mialboxes / Can't loot corpses etc, etc
  208. How does this games lead designer interact with us players?
  209. still getting "new" plat spams, even had chats filtered in attemp to block and they still get thru.
  210. Making Mount Heirloom
  211. Unable to connect to login server...
  212. Hotfixes vs Game Updates
  213. Support for more casual raiding?
  214. What time tomorrow does the EQ2x server go live?
  215. [Moved] I miss the gameplay WOE added last year.
  216. I've been playing for 9 weeks now as new person. A fresh point of view (constructive)
  217. Station Launcher Server Status
  218. Skyblade Skiff -- one only?
  219. Took 1/2 a day off for nouthing thanks sony for pushing it off till tomarow
  220. Lu 57 going live tomorrow !!
  221. LoN Loot Cards Locked?
  222. Best 3rd player class for group synergy with Paladin/Warden?
  223. Server Down Times
  224. Returning Player :).. Question about Marketplace PLEASE :)
  225. Straighten me out
  226. [Moved] Problem with streaming client and Shader 3.0 ?
  227. Marketplace
  228. [Moved] Seeking Options....
  229. Mastercrafted Gear Showing up on the Marketplace on the Runnyeye Server?
  230. GU57 Update Notes?
  231. Are the servers actually up?
  232. The more things change..
  233. Runnyeye Server down
  234. What is SOE's plan to keep their current customers?
  235. If a new spell is a newer version
  236. Not a GU57 Thread .. GU57.01?
  237. Splitpaw 5pm uk time
  238. cl_show_welcome_screen_on_startup 0 bugged?
  239. The XP Bar
  240. The launchpad isn't launching...?
  241. How to turn on blue interface without UI wipe
  242. GU's = easy mode
  243. Problems with Station Cash Marketplace
  244. No more 'drop items here to auto**' for personal inventory?
  245. Logon Server Down?
  246. Bad Maintained spell window !!
  247. Crash while Adjusting Window
  248. Does anyone else hate the new WoW-style interface?
  249. So how many spells per character are you guys using?
  250. what are these servers? new?