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  1. Critique on Robes: the Return!!
  2. Plate leggings
  3. Illusions and zoning
  4. A suggestion on "feel"
  5. Need more stuff!!!!
  6. Friends List
  7. Raise limitaton of 30 icons on the UI
  8. MoA Graphic
  9. Dwarf Templar
  10. Unisex :(
  11. Missing Forum Topic Teasers!!!
  12. Previews for new outfits!
  13. macro usability
  14. What about the body revamp?
  15. Alternate appearances
  16. Dynamic data for number of procs left
  17. Forum Sig question
  18. Cobalt Brigandine
  19. Only one hotkey bar now?
  20. Hmmm....rogue hats
  21. is there a way to turn off the dumb bag resizing?
  22. Missing "Clear Hotkey" Function
  23. The EoF music
  24. Bug with the Glare of Rejection particle effect
  25. Climbing a mount
  26. Female vs Male Troll colorations
  27. Ingame notepad UI
  28. Knight Captain Armour
  29. Pet Size Disparity
  30. UI's for visually impaired
  31. When will we have Dyes?
  32. Fist weapons
  33. Show teeth while smiling?
  34. Anyone have some pics of cobalt armor?
  35. Some minor complaints and requests.
  36. MP3 Player
  37. Problem turning while holding something - Help
  38. New Combat Audio
  39. Video Cards
  40. Chat Font Colors
  41. Combat colors in chat.
  42. How do I load UI from another toon?
  43. Bard Fashion Disaster!
  44. Ogre heads
  45. Ship cameras
  46. Paladins, the new tart fruit!
  47. Showing Hair while Wearing Hats
  48. Ok so no dye’s but what about other ways to make amour more uniform?
  49. GU 33 fix list...
  50. Legplates of the Bloodhowler ate my knees!
  51. Cloud/carpet freeking out
  52. Moving house itms around
  53. How do you change your hairstyle?
  54. Fix Shadows already!
  55. Blood?
  56. Journal resizing issue
  57. You think the new skeleton models will be w/ next Exp?
  59. Still bald with profession hat after LU#32
  60. Cloak Bug?
  61. Illusion annoyances
  62. DX10
  63. Pain in the butt: Resized bags WONT keep set size
  64. Bringing secksie back...
  65. Container shape changes randomly after resizing.
  66. 7900gs + Vista + updated everything = Still have bad tearing on my arms and my backside
  67. Appreciate the In-Game Web Browser. However....
  68. Bags do not stay put
  69. How do I take a screenie?
  70. Looking for a UI similiar to fetish nightfall
  71. Spell casting animations
  72. Downloadable guild bank log
  73. Typo in conjuror spell plane shift
  74. Display NPC's & PC's names always...?
  75. How to install custom UI, currently using fetishnightfall
  76. Music modder?
  77. Is there anyway to use CombarArts/Spell icons for macros?
  78. Why do my bags keep moving?
  79. Different bag bug, not fixed with latest patch
  80. Is the skeletal system for models still in the works?
  81. Fix cl_letter_box_position ?
  82. Chat channel issue - UI related?
  83. Realy need a belt here!
  84. I love EQ2's Look and Feel
  85. What is that?
  86. targeting a players pet by clicking on the player twice?
  87. Please have the Overlord invest in some civic upgrades
  88. comparison between default and alternate char models
  89. New Bruiser Fluff Spell Idea Do It Next Expansion Please Please Please c'mon Art Dept/CA Dept
  90. 1440x900
  91. How do you switch to the UI settings of your other characters?
  92. The real problem with hair color
  93. define irony
  94. Thought this made a nice pic
  95. Browser
  96. Gonna ask this again. Missing Casting Aura
  97. Export Inventory?
  98. Fix Female Iksar Swim Animation
  99. still no bow gfx for fae?
  100. Audio lag now too?
  101. moa glyph
  102. need macro help
  103. UI Questions
  104. Dance you fools!
  105. Viewscreen?
  106. What's that song... I must know!
  107. Standard Bearer, Flag Bearer or whatever u want to call it.
  108. Changes in the cities and other stuff....
  109. Could we get some info/pic's of the revamped skeleton/armor
  110. Flowing thought Icon
  111. Here's a suggestion: How about an option to let the chestpiece decide armor appearance?
  112. Time for some new weapons and armor?
  113. Caster Vest's and robes
  114. The 'Flapping Document' Change to House Items
  115. Chat channels problem
  116. Customize Text Appearance?
  117. How to add a new hotbar/shortcut bar?
  118. Robe Flapping graphic
  119. EliteUI v032007 Uploaded to EQ2Interface.com
  120. Honestly, /browser has issues..
  121. Evolving the stories in zones
  122. A simple filtering option for the selling ui
  123. gloves like the ones for driving motorcycle.
  124. In Game Notepad
  125. The Isle of Mara
  126. tarantula hawks
  127. Darkbriar's Masquerade Sleeves
  128. Developers any chance you will ever debug containers?
  129. Changing illusion appearance?
  130. Model viewer?
  131. torches - can we just make light sources innate?
  132. Annoying UI
  133. Hey where's that class hat post?
  134. Class Helms (Graphic)
  135. Music changing program?
  136. Cleric Nem Anhk Chest Piece graphic change
  137. I forgot how much I like the music :)
  138. Maintained Spells vs Spell Effects
  139. Ogres take a seat
  140. stats in inventory and persona updating oddly
  141. Conjuror Hat Bugs (a lil image heavy)
  142. Crafting cloths?
  143. Some little things?
  144. UI: Tooltip improvement
  145. Underwater Noise
  146. raid class bug
  147. Search a bit broken
  148. What's with the big heads!?
  149. URGENT: Female Gi issue....
  150. Need before greed etc...
  151. Moving charm items, then use it, with a macro? can it be done?
  152. Inside and outside walls/windows don't match
  153. Large shields and some capes look terrible
  154. Katana
  155. Woot!! Robe Graphics Fixed!
  156. Fury Wildfire set :)
  157. Weird Hood Graphic
  158. SOE promoting anorexia?
  159. Question on recording EQ2
  160. Dragging things now is a pain since GU29
  161. broker searches
  162. Borked Bags
  163. Music in somborn chapel
  164. Character shadows vanish after playing at random times.
  165. Kithicor Nighthunter Hood
  166. Add /sleep and improve /sit and /dance!!!!
  167. Costume Viewer
  168. Why EQ2 is not as popular as WoW
  169. a funny Sig.. a friend made for me
  170. /hideshoulders & /hidegloves, please
  171. In-game VOIP - the way of the future?
  172. New Macros
  173. the sky above
  174. What do you think the bottle neck in my system is?
  175. station exchange
  176. Questions about Unholy Steed size and riding animation
  177. About how characters stand
  178. Uninstalling a custom UI
  179. orclord
  180. Totem bunny in the rock..thing
  181. Wood elf questions
  182. Helm size on dark elf males?
  183. New model skeletons
  184. show/hide pets or pet names
  185. Half Elf chin
  186. Portraits
  187. Pink SK pvp armor ....
  188. 19" Widescreen-friend UIs
  189. Mage armor
  190. Normal model body change?
  191. Brawler hanging fist weapons?
  192. Can someone please post new Coercer hat pics =)?
  193. Alternate Character Models
  194. EQ2's character graphics still not surpassed?
  195. Why cant we make our characters "look and feel" the way we want?
  196. clear all...bane of all menu items
  197. Qeynosians riding Worgs ?
  198. Clearing ingame mail name auto-fill?
  199. Pauldrons of the Soul Splicer bugged
  200. What is going on with the speedskater outfit?
  201. WTB a /Notepad Command
  202. Conjuror class hat on ratonga = Hail to the Rat King, baby!
  203. New Hairstyles and Skins please!
  204. Fog should act this way in all zones
  205. How do you make a character "alternate appearance"??
  206. HO glow causes lag
  207. Leggings Graphic Overwrite Boots?
  208. personal stat commands
  209. load_uisettings another problem
  210. female models stretching textures and female underwear...
  211. rendering weapons in first person.
  212. Custom UI Question
  213. human shape shifting to darkelf
  214. Moonfused Crown Does Not Display
  215. Regarding the term "He"....
  216. Wizard Hat - Which Quest Rewards It ?
  217. Why is this not an option for all players?
  218. Mount Colors
  219. Runny nosed wargs
  220. My Warg! :)
  221. New information on the long standing "shadows" issues.
  222. Wargs and general animation
  223. A thank you to the art department!
  224. What UI is this?
  225. Bags still seem to have problems
  226. Fonts and chat messed up when loading save Display profile
  227. Ugh! My new warg is making me sick!
  228. Question about loading saved options profiles avilable in GU 34
  229. Muzzle my mutt
  230. McCabe's Double Dealing Cowl
  231. T-7 Fabled Cloak, Level 20 Graphic?
  232. Robe Cloth Physics
  233. Erudite Glyphs
  234. How do I create a saved broker search?
  235. Mounts and the Future
  236. House Item Pools
  237. Allow each character to Quest for a "Precision Illusion"
  238. Macros for swapping dual-wield weapons
  239. Wish: /invite and /tell buttons for Friend and Guild UI windows
  240. Riding the Warg Mounts
  241. Riding the Warg Mounts
  242. Maps - Can anybody else walk off their map ??
  243. UI (mob dot/dubuff) Window Gone and cant get it back
  244. character Skeleton model revamp...
  245. McCabe's Double-Dealing Shackleguard/Armguard Graphic Bug
  246. few issues with log files
  247. Pics of barbarian in plate on a nightmare?
  248. Graphic for Grim Brimstone Hammer
  249. Warlock Hat bug
  250. mounts animation permanently stuck in combat