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  1. Are we more OCD then the devs ;)
  2. Looking for an AB packrat with an old fury ;)
  3. House of the Rising Sun
  4. petite update (work in progress, progress)
  5. Calling all Freeport Server Decorators post your homes here <......
  6. Alanducar's Manor home in South Qeynos (img heavy)
  7. Advice on my Museum
  8. Swamp a la'rodent
  9. Possible for someone else to build YOUR home?
  10. Blueprint of homes
  11. Hiring a decorator on Freeport
  12. Hansum's Cave (Mistmoore Crag Estate, AB, Freeport side)
  13. Can someone pls explain LoN and decorating
  14. Pet problems...
  15. Four Levels of Tenebrous...
  16. Gracee's LoN Blades House - Farewell Norrath
  17. My latest decorating endeavor (not your typical home)
  18. Need ideas for 5 RM Qeynos Attic
  19. Interesting thread abut Vigilant screen
  20. Ceiling fan? Tinker?
  21. server transfer and no-trade house items
  22. YES! FINALLY! Building blocks in city fest!!
  23. Modern Wantia Abode and Refreshment in Maj'Dul (image heavy)
  24. Storm Island Ate the Moving Crate
  25. another flooring experiment
  26. Leaha's Hobbit Hole on Permafrost
  27. Dovahkiin's War Machine ! - NOW WITH PICS !
  28. Moving items wonky
  29. Cloud Retreat by Zhaanish, Freeport Server Hall of Fame - image heavy
  30. Items disappearing in Uncanny Estate
  31. Hanging Garden (on test)
  32. The HMS Hamster (image heavy)
  33. My Journey Through Norrath AGAIN ;)
  34. This List of furniture eating homes are for the Dev's who ever you are!
  35. Tinkerbele's Lavastorm Retreat (IMG HVY)
  36. The Planetarium of Rohen Theer
  37. Where do you get all your Stuff?
  38. Housing access question
  39. Is there a way to move guild amenities outside a t3 guildhall?
  40. A plea (item on AB)
  41. books not in item count anymore?
  42. Length of time to Decorate a House
  43. no new votes on house leaderboard?
  44. Halasian wood?
  45. Can you pick up and move a Moving crate to another house?
  46. Stormwind Isle Lag
  47. Welcome to Hobbiton By the Sea
  48. Flamesong's Production of ... Gnomeo and Julietta!
  49. Moving from house to house - multi-owned
  50. Clearshadow Armory
  51. OmNomNomNom's T3 Guild Hall on Freeport Server
  52. Private Opera House Rant
  53. Secluded Sanctum, Storm Tower Isle and Arcane Academy
  54. hey Devs, i have idea for house deed transfer.
  55. Bingdaboop's Estate - Butcherblock (img heavy)
  56. Is there a Doctor (Who) in the house? ( I has a Tardis!)
  57. Pandagodadavida - Antonia Bayle (Image heavy)
  58. PUG Presents... The First Norrathian Design Wars!
  59. Small Neriak house in Art Deco style (Freeport server)
  60. i feel so dirty *twitch*
  61. So much to do...so little time!
  62. Carpet(s) and Chair request for Carpenters
  63. need ideas for laundry room stuff
  64. Seeking a decorator for two commissions.
  65. my fury's house in SQ on unrest
  66. Editor - honest answer please
  67. Wouldn't it be great if ..... (tile idea)
  68. A Gnome's Workshop
  69. Alanducar's Tenebrous island turned Rustic homes and byways...image heavy
  70. My Fishing Lodge
  71. Show off your Created Bathroom Idea's
  72. Items That Won't Stay Still
  73. Homes that eat stuff......
  74. Vibe's Hidden Garden (Crushbone Server)
  75. Dungeon maker drops, housing item wish
  76. Palliana's memories
  77. PUG TV presents Jaylah's Crafter Mall
  78. PUG TV visits with Palliana
  79. PUG TV brings you episode 2 of the Norrathian Design Wars.
  80. Newer to EQ Housing
  81. PUG TV visits the Llamedos Guild Hall
  82. Cross-server Housing leaderboards
  83. Is there a layout editor class online
  84. A Vampire's Estate (my first published house)
  85. Tapestry of the Steamlord - Need Rotation Help
  86. [Moved] Bye Bye
  87. Just because it looks cool
  88. PUG TV dares to enter the Temple of Na' Evrah by Blazewolf
  89. PUG TV relaxes in Little Dahlings Carnival by Twinklin
  90. PUG TV goes farming, token farming in My Token Farm by Remisa
  91. Sad News
  92. Implementing axis rotation
  93. An Iksar's Storm Isle
  94. Hikinami's Cottage
  95. Workshop and Portal Hub!
  96. The Royal Library
  97. A Paladin's Blades' Home
  98. Sigil's Hall - Bar
  99. Layout Editor Guide: How To Build A Hut
  100. painting flipping help please!
  101. PUG TV brings you episode 2 reveal of the Norrathian Design Wars!!
  102. PUG TV checks out some books at the Norrathian Research Library
  103. PUG TV takes a visit to Rustic Homes and Byways
  104. PUG TV is looking for Norrathian Design War challengers
  105. Portal confusion
  106. Tenchigirl15's decor project: South Freeport (repost) *pics heavy*
  107. Breaking out of a Guild Hall
  108. Aquarium Design (img hvy)
  110. Stridsvagn's Uncanny Estate ~ By Bitsy
  111. Tradeskill apprentices in published homes?
  112. City Festival Roof Tile - Great in theory, bad in practice?
  113. need help looking for a house item
  114. Feeling Goofy
  115. 2 new Massive homes on AB, request all ye to come and look at them.
  116. Decorating Haiku
  117. PUG TV is requested to Heal My Hovel
  118. *preview of my Willowood small kitchen
  119. Barber Shop Pole
  120. A couple item questions
  121. Darkness and Light Guild Hall
  122. Nerian goodies overlooked. thoughts?
  123. Prestige House Idea
  124. PUG TV wants you to LOAD THAT ZONE
  125. Serious Request for Decorators on Guk Server
  126. LF DEV building blocks has bad scaling!
  127. The Missing Lighthouse Keeper's Estate
  128. Building blocks going onto Test tonight!
  129. New fish on SC
  130. Looking for a housing decorator on AB
  131. Please consider this for future city festival items
  132. Prestige home - Thurgadin Grand Hall?
  133. PUG TV runs through the Metalocalypse dungeon by Shiverwynd
  134. PUG TV runs though the dungeon Arena from Twilight by Elquinjena
  135. PUG TV visits Pinewood Street by Pinewood
  136. PUG TV Gets It's Pirate on by stepping aboard the Annalissah by Hooks.
  137. Thurgaden Grand Hall - What's down there? NEW SCREENIES!
  138. Myst Revisited on Freeport Server *now with screenshots!* IMG HVY
  139. Children's playground on Freeport
  140. Ed's Inn Room ~ By Brianna
  141. Materials List For RibbitRibbitt's Playground?
  142. Few questions regarding tradeskills
  143. Nagafen Decorator needs input
  144. Two New Houses from Housing Portal
  145. Tractor
  146. Finally
  147. Tomb of the Sensei
  148. Sharann's Felwithe Pavilion - IMG heavy
  149. Paladin's Estate
  150. Madam Epione's House of Voodoo - Image Heavy
  151. Looking for Help on Oasis
  152. The Royal Brewery
  153. Please fix houses eating items (or tell me what I'm doing wrong) ;)
  154. New Housing Items from Test - GU63 **Updated 3/20**
  155. On AB Leyden's Dream World, Cathedral to the gods and Pirate strong hold.
  156. Devs: Is it technically feasible to have an EQ Live neighborhood
  157. Yet Again: Halfling Housing. Cmon devs! Do it. :)
  158. Homeshow channel?
  159. Bloodcloud's Harem (Secluded Sanctum) IMAGE HEAVY
  160. Dungeon - Domino's Sanctuary is under attack! (Test Server)
  161. I want this....
  162. What if my guild *is* my home?
  163. Hickory Dickory Dock..
  164. Building Steps - an observation
  165. Kerstin's Lavastorm House by Katey Carpenter Everfrost
  166. Shale Hall [IMG Heavy]
  167. Issue with building blocks: character floating
  168. Afista's Arabian Apartment
  169. How to get ideas for decorating?
  170. Tonight's patch added more furniture to test !!!
  171. Need aquarium help
  172. Jexie's Vampire Mansion in South Qeynos on Freeport server by [email protected]
  173. New Apprentice and Some statues!
  174. Framing Doors
  175. a sticky for house item ideas?
  176. Amyee's Library by Jesdyr (Thurg Hall - Unrest)
  177. the Case of the missing Frostfell trees....
  178. Fixed the two story halfling ladder!
  179. Gigglegibber Hunting Trophy?
  180. Researcher's Sanctum - Beautiful, but low item count (400)
  181. Deepwater Research is 400 item count
  182. Halfling lovers: Wall Input please
  183. Idea pool for the Researcher's Sanctum
  184. Scaling questions
  185. The Cathedral of Our Father Innoruuk (Completed and updated April 2nd)
  186. Freeport's children's playground (image heavy)
  187. Frostfell crafting stations 4/1/12
  188. Gal's Loping Plains Cliffside Breakout now listed...
  189. Leyden's Dream World on AB is now under Hall of Fame.
  190. The Lollipop Guild - Unfinished
  191. Tinkered building blocks?
  192. Website of all house items
  193. Looks like leaderbaords are empty after todays downtime
  194. PUG TV Visits Rancho Relaxo by Popcicle on the Freeport server.
  195. Devs, can you please shut off the rain in the Storm Tower isle prestige home?
  196. Wilowyn's Crafting Cottage
  197. Another Request Please : )
  198. PUG TV is Back with a Tour of the Cathedral of Innorruuk
  199. EQ2 Motorcycle on Oasis Server
  200. Roman themed Guild Hall
  201. PUG TV visits a Roman Villa on Anotonia Bayle
  202. Maj'Dul VIP Villa [IMG HVY]
  203. HOW TO: Use the Layout Editor (small, bite-sized picture tutorials)
  204. Where to get lots of books - cheap?
  205. Housing Awards if transfer to a new server
  206. Great Badger Lodge [11 Images]
  207. Leyden's Real Estate now open on AB, with 6 homes to look at.
  208. House items faction merchants
  209. First published house - Camp Splendid, AB server (image heavy)
  210. On Freeport - WTT Red or Purple Beast'r Basket pets for gold
  211. Looking for decorated skyblade skiffs to visit UPDATE: COMING TO NORRATH!
  212. Freeport server-looking for these armor pieces for mannequins
  213. [Moved] Not related to housing, but since I am always here...
  214. Looking for player-written books of Love
  215. New layout/furniture utility
  216. Crafter's Workshop (10 images)
  217. Tinkerbele's Cabin (Personal Dojo)
  218. Arcane Academy Portal Bug
  219. FreePort Server LF Guild Hall Decorater
  220. Researcher's Sanctum - Break Out
  221. When will teleportation pads be avalabile again?
  222. McDonalds
  223. The Cathedral of Our Lady Marr on Freeport Server
  224. Request info on how to take and post pictures.
  225. City Festival block on marketplace
  226. Wanderlust Guild Hall - T1 Neriak, AB Server. (Image HEAVY!)
  227. Clue -Aabari's Tenebrous in Freeport (Butcherblock Server)
  228. PUG TV visits Hobbiton by the Sea
  229. PUG TV visits Xaryes's Comfortable Quarters by Xaryeflamesword.
  230. PUG TV visits Celestial Towers, Condo B14 by Feife.
  231. Monopoly-Strifehorn Tenebrous Isle Freeport Butcherblock Server
  232. Leaving House
  233. No more rain in Storm Tower Isle!!!
  234. dimensional pocket LON only?
  235. Kelethin Carousel
  236. dimensional pocket 400 items slots
  237. dimensional pocket -- only 400 items?
  238. Can I get a refund on my Storm Tower Island?
  239. Dear Devs, could you please add these flowers to the game?
  240. The tree, the flowers, they are SO GORGEOUS! THANK YOU!
  241. Mouse and His Maze- Massive Home! [Images]
  242. Just in case anyone here would be interested in a seriously decorated dungeon...
  243. Little Adventurers Daycare [Image Heavy]
  244. PUG TV does the reveal Heal My Hovel episode 2!
  245. Help finding a post...
  246. Revisiting the Krozmek Prestige Home
  247. Haunted Furnishings?
  248. Recipes and Epitaph help for my "How to cook a gnomish dev" house
  249. The Shrine to ???? - Unrest (mirror tricks)
  250. Crystal Ball viewing cool Next NotD placements....