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  1. Kaj's Grand Estate (IMG Heavy)
  2. LFB WTB
  3. thank you all for visiting.
  4. New Layout Editor...
  5. layout editor: for jesdyr or anyone how might know
  6. Personal Planetarium /loc info
  7. Acorn Isle (Image Heavy)
  8. Houses
  9. Swiftwoods Celestrial Library. Now in The Hall of Fame.
  10. A house for a friend (IMAGE HEAVY)
  11. Low Item count for Thug hall
  12. Player Libraries
  13. Layout Editor Issues...
  14. Felwith Mansion, messed up Funky Looking Glich
  15. Looking to turn my Fewithe Mansion into a Temple of Turnare.
  16. Shrinking Objects with the layout editor
  17. Birthday Party Veranda - Party a Success! Completed Pics {Image Heavy}
  18. Cheesery? Old house images
  19. Buggy guild hall with layout editor
  20. Dameat's Fortress of Solitude
  21. (Mangogh's) Freeport Public Pool (Blades house-Image heavy!)
  22. The Shimmering Serpent Mens Lounge ~ Personal Library (Img Heavy)
  23. question about multiple copies of books
  24. A Case of Speed Decorating
  25. nvm
  26. Ashiz's Neriak House (img hvy)
  27. Frostfell
  28. A story of lives - TT Island (img heavy)
  29. The Uncanny Files
  30. Seaside Manor by [email protected]
  31. Terra Igni - Volcano Isle (Oasis)
  32. The Crystal Sanctum (img heavy)
  33. How to get to beach in Mistmoore Crag Estate?
  34. House Expanders - How To See
  35. Wonderful Decor Community...Need Thinking Caps for this one...Cones?
  36. The Manor Revisited (image heavy)
  37. Travel Portals that are also house items
  38. Druid Rest - Complete
  39. A story of lives - Resurrection
  40. A story of lives - Destruction
  41. All you vets with Mistmoore house should take a look at this...
  42. color of house names in house leader boards?
  43. Tropius' Druid Retreat (image heavy)
  44. Lomelin's Oasis- Residence of the Blades
  45. Yay-Frostfell arrives on Dec 6 along w/xpac! =) Spied one new item. Hey REDs-can I share pics found?
  46. So how many of you decorators plan to Design Dungeons?
  47. Blades house help!!
  48. Tradeskill Aprentices
  49. A Pirate's Fancy Abode
  50. Object randomly rotating 180
  51. Editor Issues with a T3 Hall... Any Suggestions Please?
  52. From When The Game First Came Out
  53. The Tailor Shoppee ( LOTS O' IMAGES )
  54. An odd request
  55. Topics by residence Type
  56. What can I use to write out text in my house?
  57. Unrest T3 Guildhall front yard preparing for holiday
  58. A Red Halas Inn Room
  59. Anyone play Castlevania SOTN, I wish someone could make a castle like that.
  60. Server vs Server Frostfell Competition - proposal
  61. Need help on a primitive set up.
  62. I'd like to delete and alt, what will happen to her Prestige House?
  63. Welcome to the decorating community of EQ2X
  64. Justinalynn's decor project: South Freeport
  65. Are DYOD's going to have a rating system?
  66. Nightstalkers t2 guild hall new and improved (very img heavy)
  67. extension on the halas fair?
  68. Fate of Freeport breakouts?
  69. If you had a home in Freeport
  70. In game editor?
  71. Please remove the highlighting in homes/gh's when edit mode is disabled.
  72. Housing portals gone
  73. Guild Hall Hirelings/Guards
  74. <<< Swindle's Store & Casino >>>
  75. House pets
  76. Winter house WIP
  77. Another wish list
  78. Poofing Portals and The Portal Point Tour
  79. What do you think of the Lavastorm house?
  80. Completed - All Aboard! The New Halas Express - Halas breakout (IMG HVY)
  81. Happy Frostfell from Circle of Heroes - Freeport
  82. HELP! Layout editor problem
  83. Sharann's little house by the docks (Freeport breakout) - IMG heavy
  84. Personal Harvest Depot - Do not crate before publishing house
  85. Anyone else lose all their Freeport home items?
  86. Flamesong's Consolidated Works!
  87. Aevax's Bar and Grill
  88. pig mask
  89. Is it me or the house?
  90. Felwithe mansion Breakout
  91. [Moved] Mobb Spawners
  92. I have questions about the SC house deeds, please.
  93. Arcane Academy - Breakout Info
  94. Well let me say it another way...
  95. Suggestion for next Prestige home
  96. Guild Amenity Request - Prestige Housing Portal
  97. No-trade vs. Heirloom tag on house items
  98. Another Idea for a Prestige Home
  99. Afistamemoni's Everfrost Dojo
  100. Kethi's Grand Estate
  101. How long has this been in game?
  102. Moving Crate Bug
  103. Revamp!
  105. This made me giggle...you prolly will too ;)
  106. Crimsonblade Real Estate - The Personal Library Files
  107. Sets of rugs please
  108. custom music
  109. Merry Frostfell from Guild Divinity (freeport server)
  110. Houses on leaderboards for porting only
  111. Up/Down in Editor Mode causing disappearances
  112. Tileri's Wintery Wonderland - IMG Heavy (Non Frostfell)
  113. dungeon and house ratings!
  114. Curtains please !!!
  115. New Freeport Furniture - Quest rewards?
  116. Station Cash for Building Blocks?
  117. Question: Books, Teleport Pads & Magic Mouths
  118. Moving all items from one house to another
  119. What is your favorite counter (top)?
  120. Guilds posting houses on the leaderboard and voting them up empty
  121. Slaymate's Tenebrous Island Refuge - Asian Influence
  122. Winterstone - Halas breakout (winter house now published)
  124. Prestige furniture? Where?
  125. List of "bright" lamps/lights?
  126. ColdHearted'B Estate
  127. Happy Frostfell! And Merry Christmas!
  128. How do you and where are....?
  129. layout editor and my mouse wheel
  130. Deus Ex Arcana Guild Hall (Image Heavy)
  131. Moving crate items now untretrievable while published? A bug?
  132. Qeynos Mage Tower
  133. Help this is annoying
  134. Personalized Frostfell Cards
  135. Windows - how?
  136. Tarton's Wheel, book?
  137. transfering your character question?
  138. Nocturni 1 Compassion Rd (in Freeport) Freeport server by [email protected]
  139. Jexi's Dojo by [email protected]
  140. Just in case...
  141. Elven Chivalry Guild Hall by [email protected]
  142. Heretic Blades Guild Hall by [email protected]
  143. Crimsonblade Real Estate
  144. Phat Elders Guild Hall Library by [email protected]
  145. Phat Elders Enchanted Cavern by [email protected]
  146. Opalessance Kitchen 2 Bayle Ct SQ by [email protected]
  147. Cheribomb Designs Portal Hub
  148. The Corner Bakery
  149. The Frostfell Village
  150. Looking for a skilled Editor!
  151. Gala at the Gallery New Years Eve Pre Party All Decorators welcomed!
  152. Ed's Halfling Hole ~ By Brianna
  153. Surface to mount Lore and Legend trophies
  154. New Ak'anon
  155. Help!!!! Please this is doing my Nut in!
  156. Taaaaa Daaaaaarrrrr!
  157. T3 Guild Hall layout ideas
  158. need ideas for a big ballroom chandelier
  159. Happy New Year!
  160. The Felwithe Gallery ~ by Bitsy aka Pizazz
  161. Carpenter & Artisan Furniture - Everfrost Server, Massive Homes
  162. Santa's Workshop and Frostfell Village by Lady Aerfen - IMG HEAVY
  163. Kimilie's Bakery
  164. What housing items do you want?
  165. Boxing Ring Idea
  166. Frostfell Riverside Shops
  167. Lavastorm Housing - a work in progress (image heavy)
  168. Lighting frustration
  169. The Captain's Retreat [image-heavy]
  170. A Christmas Carol 2011
  171. What to use for kitchens and bathrooms etc??
  172. Clockwork Rescue Tradeskill Instance as Prestiage House
  173. Island retreat - starting from scratch
  174. Help! - Where to begin???
  175. The Tudor Farmhouse (AB)
  176. The Frosted Brew Tavern
  177. Courtyard Theme for Tier 1 Qeynos Guildhall?
  178. Modern Gothic ~ A Lavastorm Breakout Layout for Trade
  179. To show off your Creative Created items Idea's...
  180. Climbable tiles
  181. *Grumble* MORE new SC building blocks...
  182. Decorated Mistmoore Dungeon on AB and Permafrost
  183. Katerin's Vampiric Retreat...( Heavy Images)
  184. McScroogle's Boudoir re-created
  185. a fond fairwell...
  186. What can a lvl 24 Carp use for stove flames?
  187. Qeynos Ratonga District Tonga Town (IMG heavy)
  188. Orpi's First Project (img heavy)
  189. A little Othmir house
  190. freeport jewel box (work in progress image intense)
  191. Dominio, personal wishes...
  192. Mirror reflections...help!
  193. Looking for decorating friends on AB
  194. Possible New Prestige Houses?
  195. Gandali's Glorious Gnomish GearFort (image heavy)
  196. need help: Layout editor, pitched/rolled items moves around
  197. We NEED a guk themed prestige home!!
  198. What? The Curtains? (Image Heavy)
  199. Houses on Leaderboards that you recommend visiting
  200. Othmir plushies Erollosi quest rewards on test THANKS!!!
  201. Secluded Sanctum and Storm Isle prestige houses
  202. Beo's Viking Hall *image heavy*
  203. Adjusting decorating in the Guild Hall to minimize loading and lag?
  204. Drusinia Fury's T1 Guild Hall
  205. Need Advice on Starting
  206. What is actual name of and where to find this item please? (Skeletal fish)
  207. Is this happening to anyone else in the lavastorm house?
  208. Purple Roof Tile
  209. Are there any decorating guilds on AB?
  210. Fireplaces not staying lit (yes again lol)
  211. Tapestry of the Steamlord
  212. Tapestry of the Steamlord
  213. Guild Hall Mailboxes - Shattered Lands option
  214. Just had to share
  215. Resale or Transfer of title?
  216. Breakout without teleportation pads?
  217. Storm Isle
  218. Advice for a Dwarf cave?
  219. Two Questions?
  220. Freeport server and NOTD masks
  221. Mini-Cogmatic Bixie Bopper Pet
  222. city fest windows that matches the doors?
  223. Distun Delki - Ancient Platinum coin vendor
  224. SC Ice dividers/tiles etc - screenies?
  225. work in progress.... felwithe mansion
  226. Storm Isle Teleportation pad coordinates
  227. Suggestions for Housing Access Tool Improvements
  228. Order of Concord Guild Hall - Freeport T2
  229. House listing resource
  230. disappearing items on Y axis still happening!
  231. Prestige Homes - anything new on horizon?
  232. What is this item?
  233. Rustic decor
  234. Kelethin City festival and building blocks
  235. Mirtoba's Halas Inn
  236. Would it be possible to put bottoms/backs on house items?
  237. Wecoming Committee
  238. Prestige housing in Kelethin and Neriak
  239. Tenebrous Island and Wandering Creatures
  240. Homes with patio/balcony?
  241. Santa Glug's Pub by Zhaanish, Freeport Server - image heavy
  242. T1 evil Guild Hall - Aube Sanglante
  243. Lileen's Neriak mansion revamp and Dungeon (work in progress)
  244. Earnesto's Cantina and Parlor
  245. Question about the Everfrost Summer Home
  246. Possible Useful extensions to the house edit mode
  247. Noob post of villa in new halas
  248. Greetings from the Canyon!
  249. Dungeon maker decorating sets.
  250. Thulia's uncanny estate