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  1. Housing Challenge/Advice
  2. Question regarding "get object portal" for homes
  3. New Program - Eq2 House Organizer (Released version
  4. Hiring a Decorator
  5. Request to make house items useable in guildhalls and some pet ideas
  6. Opinion Poll! Felwithe or Tenebrous
  7. [Bug Report?] Receiving multiple trophies each time HOF house republished
  8. Swapping out items in layout
  9. Youtube - Tiling tutorial
  10. Tinkerbele's MMCE [IMG HVY]
  11. housing review question -
  12. Night Sky Tenebrous Island Refuge
  13. An Elven Dream..... To reality! - Antonia Bayle - SFP - Felwithe - Nytefyre
  14. My "Tea House Dojo" is now public
  15. My Felwithe house.. finally finished
  16. A question about music and a Maj'Dul Vacation Suite lighting question
  17. rack of love potions
  18. I want this as a house item as long as text doesnt come with it hehe
  19. housewish list - Tangram
  20. Starving Artisans Art Gallery (work in progress)
  21. Tilting objects
  22. Something I am trying, Work in progress
  23. opera house not on level or measured linearly correct.
  25. Aloriana's Sinister Suite
  26. House in Hall of Fame?
  27. What is the safest way to save my house layout for returning to it at a later date?
  28. Crit Happens Guild Hall on Guk
  29. My kingdom for a white door
  30. Help Plz
  31. Heir's of the Phoenix Guildhall on Guk (extremely image heavy)
  32. Heir's of the Phoenix Guildhall on Guk (extremely image heavy) part II
  33. Prestige Housing: Deathfist Citadel?
  34. Majdul Tower of the Moon prestige house on marketplace
  35. Blanchette's Burrow, Temple street Inn, Test Server
  36. Leucosia's House, 2 Lucie Street, South Qeynos (4 rooms), Test Server
  37. Human plushies?
  38. Shayleh's Island {IMG Heavy}
  39. Makya's Personal Guild Hall (TT Island Home - Img Heavy)
  40. Item Control Keybind Remapping?
  41. Sanctuary of the Goddess (Tenebrous Island Refuge verison)
  42. Carpenter Creations By Katey (Everfrost- Img Heavy)
  43. Pinewood Street ~ Part 1
  44. Hall of Fame title? Help lol
  45. Pinque's Pink House
  46. The Ky'Leire Estate
  47. The Ky'Leire Stronghold
  48. SPOTLIGH: Lilith's Maze Mansion by Jazabelle
  49. The Tranquil Bee Outlook!
  50. First Breakout (Aquarium Home)
  51. The 2011 Nights of the Dead MazeMansion
  52. How to build your own rail gun/cannon/gnome launcher
  53. my everfrost summer home now public
  54. Gnomicide's Temple Island
  55. Housing leaderboards - add a "like" button for houses
  56. House Rating Griefers - Please Change House Rating System
  57. questions on "published" house/s, can publish more house or just one at a time?
  58. Ejiha's Home
  59. Looking for player written, Norrathian cook books!
  60. A Blue Halas Inn Room
  61. [Moved] Happy Birthday Domino !!
  62. Osheee's Tanning Salon ( 2.0 ) Splitpaw Server
  63. New and improved rating system ?
  64. Norrathian Homeshow: Vote for the Worst!
  65. [IMG Heavy] First Deco Project- Personal Dojo, SFP, AB
  66. totally confused about an earlier thread!
  67. Cave of Caviness! Now with Cavey goodness!
  68. Dojo
  69. can anyone make "Alnwick Treehouse" replica?
  70. Using mirrors question
  71. Screwball's Humble Home
  72. Thurgadin Grand Hall Retreat
  73. Nanala's Conservatory (Everfrost Home -- Very Image Heavy)
  74. Nanala's Freeblood Home (Extremely Image Heavy)
  75. Wish List for things already in game
  76. Temple of Prexus
  77. Nytefyre (Nytefoo) - Antonia Bayle - SQ - Qeynos Village Inn - Castleview Hamlet
  78. The Laughing Dragon Tavern (Img heavy)
  79. Haunted House or Madhouse
  80. Nytefyre - Antonia Bayle - 8 Indigo Road - Neriak - Qho's Just Rewards
  81. Siame's one room Halas hideaway (IMG HEAVY)
  82. Mystey's English Manor (very image heavy)
  83. TT's secret "bunny hole"
  84. Sharann's modern villa with swimming pool (img heavy)
  85. Modernising Freeport (img Heavy)
  86. Housing Editor question.
  87. Tiling a slanted corner
  88. So many exciting new things in the game, glad to be back!
  89. The Bastion of the Sky (Image Heavy)
  90. NoTD Contest?
  91. HOF pics showing only black screen
  92. Quick Question
  93. [Moved] BEWARE GM's are STEALING your Guilds! ~Please Read~
  94. Need a suggestion for a starter layout.
  95. Question about moving crate?
  96. Tinkered Tank
  97. Grand Reopening of the Maj'Dul Aquatic & Wildlife Centre - **Image Heavy**
  98. Crag Ocean Manor
  99. Tesla Reach Castle
  100. Quick question about relinquishing Prestige Homes
  101. New to Decorating
  102. Super Star Mansion (No Editor Challenge project) [IMG Heavy]
  103. Enchanted Library {Img Heavy}
  104. Item Resizing
  105. How low, flat to the ground can the tapestry of the steamlord be placed?
  106. Changing the photo of house on the leaderboards?
  107. Zobiana's TT Island Home
  108. Traveling between houses
  109. Country Farm
  110. The Annalissah: A Pirate Ship and Tavern [IMG Heavy]
  111. Walking House ... [img heavy]
  112. Photo not showing on leaderboards
  113. Players Wanting Plat for Good Ratings
  114. Quania's corner of the Freeport sewer
  115. Hops' Emerald Portal Hub
  116. Snazzy Project Links
  117. Neutrino's (small) New Halas Home on AB
  118. Housing Leaderboard Coloring
  119. Welcome to the Pub and Parley! (img heavy)
  120. Ok Sony what gives.....?
  121. Thurgadin Market, Whilhelmina, Storms Server (Very image heavy)
  122. NoTD this year...
  123. Tenebrous Island Refuge request
  124. Keianna's Japanese House (image heavy)
  125. Treehouse 2.0...what can I say, it's a sickness!
  126. After touring many homes, I'm feeling Ripvanwinklish -- and PROUD OF THIS COMMUNITY
  127. The Legitimate Business Deer's Social Club (AB Temple Street. IMG Heavy!)
  128. Overlap lines
  129. Pig Plushies on Oasis
  130. The Crook Cook quest for house items
  131. House Rating System - Still Room For Improvement
  132. LFG for Crook Cook? Look here!
  133. The Dusty Dojo (IMG heavy)
  134. Building in/over water at halas docks?
  135. How to post pictures?
  136. Moving Crate
  137. Missed you all!
  138. HELP : Moving Crate
  139. Shea Construction Company ( IMG HEAVY! )
  140. Come In To My Parlour...(IMG heavy!)
  141. TT Mansion
  142. Issue with Up/Down in Layout Editor?
  143. Something Wicked!
  144. Mezcalina's Island
  145. TOWER OF LIGHT (IMG heavy)
  146. New Uncanny Estate Prestige House - pics
  147. New Prestige House - Enchanted Uncanny Estate
  148. possible "Bunny Hole(s)" in large house zones?...
  149. Quick Query - number of houses?
  150. Hobbit Hole!
  151. Need some ideas for a green house
  152. First time posting pictures - Image Heavy
  153. Can't find furniture files
  154. Siame's Estate, (very img heavy ya'll)
  155. Frostfell 2011 Wish List
  156. a preview and a plea
  157. Another quick query - Kromzek Keep?
  158. *updated* 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 mount garage home (still unfinished)
  159. An homage to the old horror classics....
  160. is it just me?
  161. Old Man Dave's Home by Eirisse
  162. Ten's Island Home w/pool and garden (windows)
  163. You know what I'd liek to see?
  164. House Expander question
  165. Haunted Island
  166. Mimm's Home (usual graphic intensive warning)
  167. Pyramid Adventure NOTD house
  168. Oubliete's Curio house (NoTD competition)
  169. Oakcleaver Construction and Decor, Ltd. (IMG HEAVY!!!)
  170. Spooky Jail!
  171. LTH on AB
  172. Suggested furniture recipe additions (once sold by merchant)
  173. Trasea's Bar (Graphics Heavy)
  174. Wispa's Haunted Estate and Courtyard (NOTD Entry - image heavy)
  175. NIghts of the Dead Retreat
  176. Haunted House, 8 Lucie Street, South Qeynos, Storms Server
  177. Casee's Maj Dul Breakout (by Gracee on Crushbone)
  178. A Warden's Home in the Forest (Thurg Grand Hall)
  179. Monsters Inc- A private club. Butcherblock Server, uncanny estate in SQ- Delphinas
  180. OK, fess-up... who used Qho in NotD Decor?
  181. bwibip cottage finally finished
  182. SPOTLIGHT: A Dark Druid's Home by Hopsalong
  183. Zarc's Castle from Scratch
  184. Easter Island Head
  185. Help with the Editor tool, please!
  186. Winter Lodge for the Norrath 'smalls' (Img Heavy)
  187. Any type of druid ring obtainable
  188. Mazrym's Japanese modern
  189. Karrla's Spooky House of Haunts
  190. ** Banner/Links **
  191. Question about portals.
  192. Moon ideas, anyone?
  193. House item in game mail for NoTD
  194. Wallpaper dividers
  195. Norrathian Defenders Guild Hall [img heavy]
  196. Anyone on Oasis who can help? ;-(
  197. The Tangle Island Resort
  198. Lady Aerfen's Estate - TT island - img heavy
  199. Todays NOTD item is lore and the same as a previous item ...
  200. Winter Lodge Major Redeux
  201. Tile differences from one angle to another
  202. Duggin Brandywine Plushie
  203. Anzac Knights Antonia Bayle
  204. A small Neriak shop and New halas manor
  205. A very special guild hall
  206. Gimme a Cave
  207. Kiannarose's Uncanny Estate Project
  208. Decorating Misunderstanding
  209. Fae and Arrasi house items
  210. Is there a way to move and rotate an entire structure
  211. Posting Project Pics
  212. The Not-So-Uncanny Estate! [IMG heavy]
  213. Tinkerbele's Frostfell Uncanny Estate
  214. Tradeskill Apprentice recipies will require components from heroic instances? :/
  215. ** Santa's Workshop **
  216. Christmas Tree Showroom
  217. Judgement (The Inferno)
  218. Kat's Haunted Hollow ( better late than never :P ) {{IMG HEAVY}}
  219. Zombie Apocolypse ~ By Brianna
  220. Siaa's Cozy Cottage ~ By Brianna
  221. Sigh...house lag....
  222. Swamp Digs
  223. More Tiles please
  224. Can you please add an option on tiles "rotate tiles 90 Degrees"
  225. The Gathering Storm (Img Heavy)
  226. Maj'Dul vaca house dilemma ><
  227. looking for an item
  228. Looking for Decorator
  229. Gossamer's Magic Forest and Treehouse (image heavy)
  230. test
  231. Decorating Heartbreak with a Question
  232. Henschick's Casino Cruise (with new images)
  233. Claiming Ownership of an item
  234. Tier 1 Qeynos Guild Hall Bug :(
  235. Haunted House Challenge
  236. My dilemma
  237. Chess pieces, any ideas?
  238. Suggestions for a Themed Hotel. Pretty Pwease!
  239. garden shed
  240. Haunted Shipwreck Isle (Img heavy)
  241. F2P and house item paintings
  242. So what do you think of the Lavastorm Prestige house? Its on EQ facebook now
  243. ompletely NOT house related.. but i like you guys
  244. Enchanted Planetarium on Test
  245. Kitchen faucet and handles
  246. Birthday Ideas --Updated with Cake image etc
  247. Free to Play and House Ratings
  248. Masamune's Pirate Port o' Call (image heavy)
  249. my massive fail
  250. Douce Brise - Gorowyn Standards