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  1. House of Fay
  2. Item Rotation
  3. Breakout posts, Subject lines and Search engines
  4. Homeshow Pictionary - Let's Play!
  5. Avatars of Legend Guildhall - Guk T2 NFP ~ A zone within a zone! (IMAGE HEAVY)
  6. ((Housing Scavenger Hunt, 2/8 - 3/8)) Help an Erudite Fix Her Voice!
  7. some clockwork inspiration?
  8. Furfooters Ratongan Research center
  9. Put your personal touch on my project...
  10. Help please!
  11. Gracey's breakout (SQ MMC - Oasis Server)
  12. Need Help With A Pool
  13. Housing feedback
  14. Thanks Dev's
  15. Layout Editor?
  16. Tock builds The Big Adventure - Phase I
  17. Twinklin's Frostfell Shopping Plaza (Very IMG heavy)
  18. Some pics of my house before I tore it down to restart.
  19. A Humble Request for the Devs and Domino :)
  20. Castle Silverleaf - Halas Breakout - Image Heavy
  21. Give us Color
  22. Old School breakout in halas. image heavy
  23. Old layout file conversion!
  24. A Home Fit for a Koada'Dal (with a wicked streak)
  25. Not so traditional Asian home - Gorowyn breakout (unfinished)
  26. transportation pad thingies
  27. Looking for a house decorater on AB
  28. Now that the Velious NDA is lifted...
  29. Why yes Aure, Jaz and all you other bookophiles....
  30. The BookRegister
  31. Am I losing my mind?
  32. For Gracey (Thanks for the Inspiration)
  33. A Few Questions about Housing Changes
  34. Lighting a Crag Estate
  35. Layout Editor and EQ2 thru Steam
  36. ability to own multiple homes??
  37. Everfrost Home - 400 items?
  38. Mirror reflections and water textures (fyi)
  39. Can't use summer home until housing changes start?
  40. Everfrost Summer home, no outdoors
  41. Rebuilding Somborn
  42. Halas House
  43. My Nursary
  44. My castle
  45. The Laundry Room..
  46. EF Summer Home - Zone In Point
  47. Velious Portal Paintings Can't Be Placed in Guildhalls
  48. Freeport Koada'dal Style (breakout) (lots of images)
  49. Rug of the spurned
  50. Need some help...
  51. My fireplace!
  52. Location, location: Wanting advice on Gorowyn Breakout real estate
  53. Please, could you add an empty lot or two to our list of home options?
  54. Group tool on layout editor
  55. CALL to HOME and BIND to HOME request
  56. Twelve Candles - T1 Ghall, NQ, Guk
  57. Casiphia - consolidated work
  58. I caught my pony harvesting..
  59. Breakout w/o Teleporters?
  60. Layout editor bugs?
  61. Garden help
  62. just curious about new housing themes we picked.
  63. Highest Point in Halas
  64. Grats Aurelis!
  65. Request for items: Tile strip & decorated columns
  66. any news on the teleport pads?
  67. One point of entry for the extra homes
  68. Trevenlys Summer Home - South Freeport - AB
  69. bless you eq2decorators!! :) Brewday yummiez from test !!!
  70. You know what would be really nice for housing? Log book for visitors
  71. Am I Going Crazy? (House Items and the Moving Crate)
  72. Layout Editor Question
  73. Tips, Tricks, How Tos?
  74. Tinkered Personal Harvest Depot bugged?
  75. affluent Maj'Dul residency license
  76. New guild banners
  77. Housing Scavenger Hunt: What I learned, Feedback, and Results
  78. Delete please
  79. Starley's Consolidated works
  80. Everfrost Summer Home
  81. i know its around here somewhere
  82. Visiting player homes from Guild Hall and Banking machines
  83. List one no longer available item they wish was in game
  84. One of my first homes( magic school)
  85. Home Design and Performance Settings
  86. Bristlebane Day 2011
  87. Going Postal - T1 Guild Hall
  88. Kaladim Wall Chain
  89. Lodizal Shell Shield is placing incorrectly in houses.
  90. Being able to own multiple houses
  91. Everfrost Summer Home
  92. ballista
  93. Is the appearance the same for Freeport and Qeynos Crafting Stations?
  94. Demolished: In Honor of St Pat's Day: Collametta's Everfrost Summer Home (Clover Palace)
  95. Player-Run Event
  96. A Certain Type of Tree
  97. Rosilina's House - Everfrost (Image heavy)
  98. Everfrost Summeer Home Item Limit: A New Argument - Important Info - Dev's Please read
  99. Rocks?
  100. The Tier 3 Guild hall, and why do we not have more item count...?
  101. Little Fae's struggle with evilness spiltpaw 4 bayle court sq
  102. Sela’s Ice Palace – Everfrost Summer Home
  103. Climbable walls!!!????
  104. Vampiric Mirror with no frame
  105. new halas manor LON
  106. Sticky the wish list....
  107. anniversary plushies
  108. You know you've been decorating in EQ2 too long when...
  109. Wayward's Antonia Bayle decorating Contest Rules
  110. The amazing things you notice when soloing zones ...
  111. Cloudy Square Nightmare
  112. My Home (image heavy)
  113. ~Tiapan's Everfrost Summer Home~
  114. Request for new furniture items
  115. New Home idea.. how about ship?
  116. Any update on when multiple player housing will be coming?
  117. No Cherry Blossom tree for the Japan Relief Fund?
  118. Frostfell Horror!
  119. The Free Races Consortium Crafting Area; WIP (Img): Updated with Kitchen/Bar
  120. Thank you for the "used" chamber pot
  121. Domino....?
  122. Marketplace House Items..Please let us use them in Guild Halls
  123. Ideas for items to use as "chair rail"
  124. Quiddich!
  125. Beergutt's Everfrost Summer Home (Image heavy)
  126. Carousel of Colors
  127. SS Bloodmoon
  128. Sparkle effect in T3 Guild Hall off chandeliers
  129. Idea for guild hall amenity - A sage!
  130. Happy Easter from Revelations!
  131. Sylunia Restaurant, Willow Wood Inn, Storms Server
  132. Question on House Expanders
  133. Using "tile and area" feature in Layout editor
  134. warnings for vampire players, dont reroll if you own vampire lair or lose them for good.
  135. Bedlam's T3 Guild Hall (Oasis server) - Very image heavy
  136. Books, what do you do with them?
  137. Amila'a Mistmoore Manor, by Aslita
  138. Just checking in! (Alauria)
  139. freepot and qeynos revamps?
  140. Everfrost summer Home: Under Construction
  141. The keel has been layed....
  142. New video on Youtube - Pixiewrath's Christmas House
  143. Gigglegibbers have left job site, Galldora's home is complete -- NEW IMAGES, COMMENTARY
  144. Taking EQ2 housing to the next level
  145. Returning player cant find house
  146. What is that body of water called?
  147. new to decorating please let me know what u think so far!
  148. Summer Homes available?
  149. Pssst...
  150. Come...Visit the Shire! (Gorowyn Breakout - IMG HEAVY)
  151. Screenshots of the Test Prestige Homes
  152. Stairs, Somborn, and multiple toon housing. a dead body or two please
  153. Idea: Can we have an Unrest Guildhall for Exiles?
  154. Pink Tiles
  155. Wiinter's Wonderland (IMG Heavy)
  156. Craftsman-style waterfront
  157. Sestra's Suites - Timerous Heights, AB Server - A Drekkan Creation
  158. FONTS and guild hall expanders
  159. Castle Dire (Dire Knights Guild Hall, AB - New Halas)
  160. Zerisak and Rayhan's home (2 Bayle Court, AB server, under Drekkan)
  161. Aluriel's Tribute to the home decorators of Jazabelle's Scavenger Hunt
  162. First time Posting - Pics included
  163. Mithanial Marr Pally Helm
  164. Happy EQ2 Easter!
  165. First time posting let me know what ya think
  166. First time posting let me know what ya think
  167. Everfrost Summer Home is a bit pokey
  168. Question about printing my layout files...
  169. It is spring time ...so I set up a pool
  170. Brave Vesperia Tier 1 Guild Hall
  171. Teleporter-free breakout help?
  172. Barbute Of Righteousness on Antonia Bayle (for crafting project)
  173. Wynndi's Maj Dul House
  174. No Vacancy in Aerie Kolmas?
  175. Coming back.... part time
  176. Questable House Items
  177. Housing changes yayyyy
  178. Eslina's Waterfall Top Home (Halas breakout)
  179. New Prestige Housing Price List
  180. Personal Dojo and Personal Library...
  181. Fifth's house
  182. given new houses i have a question
  183. Vendor Display Cap Removed
  184. housing link questions
  185. Market Board - Not showing on vendors
  186. Confused about some multiple housing zoning features
  187. Once Upon a Time... (A Fairy Tale Themed House)
  188. *FREE* Green Stained Glass Tiles
  189. Prestige Home Ideas
  190. Valorian Vanguard Guild Hall - Everfrost - North Qeynos
  191. Deicide's T1 Guild Hall in Timorous Deep (AB)
  192. Housing Merchants
  193. Save Layout
  194. LON rent-free house license now no-trade?
  195. Gods of the Arena
  196. House heavy
  197. /Does the dance of joy
  198. Teleportation pads
  199. Re-Placing Sales Crates
  200. Cyliena's Art Gallery (SQ Skyblade Skiff on Everfrost)
  201. Bitsy's Lighting Gallery ~ a Resource House on AB
  202. Issues with Make Good Rent payments
  203. guild halls
  204. UPDATED: Feife's Dojo - The Huron Siblings
  205. Pyzjn's Potions & Brews!
  206. Prettyfly's fairy tale museum... eq2 ext..freeport server
  207. camdyn's hotel
  208. katrtin's i bed halas inn room eq2x freeport server...
  209. Jenlea's Dojo (Image Heavy) EQ2x Freeport (Updated 27.05.)
  210. Fixed my broken housing links
  211. Prestige Home - Personal Library -Problem placing books
  212. Dragonspire house item on test
  213. New items on test! Tiles!
  214. Katraz's World Fair
  215. A Guestbook is what we need
  216. The Black Tower ...revised
  217. Lon Loot giveaway
  218. Tweaking Layout
  219. Aslita's Waterfall Palace
  220. Looking for select LoN Paintings!!!
  221. Enchanted Kromzek Home Portal
  222. An introduction [13 images]
  223. Trylana's Cloth Creations Grand Opening
  224. Hoard on the clam shell I couldn't resist
  225. home touring expo - i'd love some feedback!
  226. loading a layout file into an identical home?
  227. Which do you prefer?
  228. Flipping Issues
  229. My Mistmoore Crag Estate-VERY IMG HEAVY
  230. Moving Pets
  231. farewell message to Aurelis!
  232. Its finnished... yeah !!! :)
  233. Caffeine's Guild Hall
  234. LF... Portals?
  235. portals and addresses for touring wanted!
  236. Looking for a decorator (AB)
  237. Gotterdammerung's Guild Hall-Everfrost (IMG Heavy)
  238. Help with Warscale Winged Trophy
  239. South Qeynos Home
  240. New housing on Test
  241. Orions Belt T2 Guild Hall on Crushbone (Image Heavy)
  242. Domino's been promoted and now i'm scared...
  243. Traveling Bells - Possible for House?
  244. How to claim New Halas Housing License??
  245. Shaded Blades T3 Ant Walkthrough
  246. Question on indium cage bars
  247. Layout editor Help please...a few questions
  248. A bit of fun in SQ, Crushbone server
  249. House of Marnet
  250. ~Siaa's Everfrost Home on Crushbone~