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  1. Forum Handles of Testers
  2. No Drop House Item Bug
  3. Question...
  4. What kind of info would be helpfull here?
  5. General Feedback: 1/27/05 Update
  6. Strafe/Turn bug
  7. Client version does not match the servers
  8. AssetsLib.vpl and v1649T
  9. First impressions of the patch
  10. The Vitalty Issues
  11. DoT Stacking!
  12. 10 Second HO Timer
  13. New AGI tweak observations
  14. Corpse Bite
  15. House Vault Bug
  16. Chat Window
  17. You are currently earning double XP
  18. /loadui causes crash
  19. [Spell Bug]Agitation and Arcane Augur
  20. Drowning in a sea of gray
  21. Dev invite to www.eq2test.com private forum
  22. Cost of Inn Room upgrades?
  23. Any update notes for 1/31 patch?
  24. Disturbing trend on the Tester Feedback forum
  25. Guild Window issues
  26. v1659T and Tracking
  27. Vitality UI bug, temp fix, and whats wrong
  28. Crafting success changes?
  29. Crafting: End Products vs Levels
  30. Greys Give Exp when grouped
  31. Flagged toon on AB didn't move
  32. Problems with new Con / Grouping Changes
  33. v1666T and Red Milk
  34. Too far away to loot
  35. Looting Shadowmen.. Impossible to do
  36. No way to know if Feign Death worked.
  37. v1671L / v1673L and blinking buff icons
  38. Lore and Legend
  39. Big Update #3 Today
  40. New Fuel Prices - Too High
  41. Divine Nobility bugged post 2/9/05 patch
  42. v1677T and Inventory
  43. New Con System
  44. Economic impact of tradeskill changes
  45. Hotfix update
  46. v1679T and Crafting
  47. - Varski, Part III still not working for me
  48. 2/10/05 Update Feedback
  49. Too hard to tell ^ from ^^ from ^^^ now....
  50. Missing recipes from new crafting books...
  51. New Tents, any purpose to them?
  52. Noticed only since coming to Test, spell timer vanishes...
  53. Anyone know what twinkling icons mean?
  54. Provisioners - Lower COGS and higher aggregate supply still needed
  55. How open should the Test Forums Be?
  56. are you having fun?
  57. Another suggestion for the new Trade Skill system
  58. My solo dungeon experience
  59. This giveaway food has got to go.
  60. Erollisi Day Quest
  61. New Epic lvl 50+ raid zone
  62. Inquisitor spells borking encounters
  63. v1686T and Food/Drink Buffs (still dropping with v1694T)
  64. 12FEB05 Exp gain rate
  65. Tier 3 Sage Adept recipies use Tier 2 paper
  66. Sage workshop task payout is way off
  67. Please fix the sellback value of player made items...
  68. Higher tier fuel consumed in lower tier combines...
  69. More society task payout issues
  70. Bug: Food + Drink effects drop on zoning
  71. East Freeport Inn - No Rooms available
  72. Alchemy Sounds missing at level 6/7
  73. Need to look at TRadeskill Tasks (Writs) being offered
  74. Tradeskill Overhaul
  75. Scrying Stone Training quests
  76. Lookie at Moorgard's preview of up-coming Tradeskills changes
  77. Current Cost of Alchemy
  78. We are a very thirsty server! (bug)
  79. Pricing issues - more on provisioner supply issues
  80. A couple of Problems with the new Skills
  81. Please put Washes in the Apothocary books...
  82. EQ1 Style Vendor: Buying back what others sell
  83. Any other pet users notice no more dancing?
  84. Workshop task solution (repost from eq2test.com)
  85. v1694T and Attuning Items (dont stick)
  86. v1694T and Alchemy Tradeskilling
  87. Naming Pets
  88. Harvesting skills dropped by 5
  89. On the additional charges produced from ammo and poison/potions
  90. New Crafting Methods need all skills set to current max...
  91. Society Tasks and Provisioners
  92. STR changes
  93. Society Tasks
  94. Reactive Heals Broken
  95. Shattered Vale: Stones of Jealousy
  96. Sage Crafting results post 16 Feb patch
  97. Update on Wholesaler/Workshop tasks
  98. Did we get traits reset too?
  99. mystic wards dropping lightning fast (bug?)
  100. Timers off-kilter on some spells?
  101. Karath the Forgotten - Quest Broken
  102. Suggestion to deal with attune issues
  103. ignore please (formerly a bug post about abhorrent gift)
  104. At work - Did we get the patch that was just pushed to Live? (2/18)
  105. Isle of Refuge Crafting Issue: Need Kindling
  106. Time to re-evauluate Pristines?
  107. A couple of questions and issues with totems
  108. Are we getting the same benefit as the patch that just went to live?
  109. Drink when thirsty overwrites current drink
  110. duplicate post, please delete
  111. v1708L and Tradeskilling Buyback
  112. Oddities at the Cauldron
  113. Boss loot is the wrong level.
  114. Bug / Exploit with the new changes
  115. NM
  116. Is FD supposed to wipe all buffs?
  117. Stove and Keg, Culinary Arts
  118. Trial of the Isle bots?
  119. Patch Notes for v1716L?
  120. The rumbler cave
  121. Crashing to desktop since v1716L patched
  122. Test Population
  123. Bank box labels not sticking
  124. Test server will be comming down in 4 seconds, please plan accordingly ;)
  125. Dark Emenations Bug and Mantained Spell List Fix
  126. General Board Question
  127. Suggestion with mentoring
  128. Chatroom Request
  129. Swindler's Luck HO
  130. Scry bugged
  131. Question: Solo & Small Group XP 30+
  132. OMG: Repairing heritage items!
  133. Resists on items bugged?
  134. Elaborate please...
  135. Bugged Quest Reward - Tallon Gravestones
  136. Guardian Mist Grinnin's in Nek Forest
  137. v1722T and bad patch file list
  138. That was fun fun fun!
  139. Not sure if this is "NEW" loot or not...
  140. Mentoring and Revive
  141. New quests with this patch
  142. Mentor Feedback (List of topics)
  143. Please Consolidate Mentoring Feedback Here
  144. Please don't change Heritage pricing just yet.
  145. UI Bug
  146. Death - 1 point at a time
  147. Short Term Buff durations
  148. Maintained Spells Window
  149. You have items to claim
  150. Agressive Mobs
  151. Why no vitality bonus xps for quests?
  152. Tradeskill Recipes
  153. ***A Wish:EQ2Players Available for Test Server players***
  154. Crafting
  155. patching problems
  156. Test Server Suggestion
  157. Sell back prices not consistant (bug)
  158. Apothecary Line counter symbols bugged
  159. Bugs - Mage Class
  160. Bugs - Artisan Class
  161. A Quick question about tradeskills.
  162. Mismatch client error
  163. Bugs with latest build
  164. Bloodline Chronicles Feedback
  165. A question for someone in the "know"
  166. BUGLIST: Quests that are still Grey
  167. Horse Whistle mending bug
  168. Warlock Spell, Seal of Dark Rumination Bugged
  169. Moorguard.
  170. Awesome looking patch notes
  171. What do we do when we find a bug that can affect gameplay and needs to be fixed ASAP?
  172. Crafting bugs for woodworker and alchemists that still need addressing
  173. A mathbook perspective on non-consumable goods
  174. Heritage Item Furniture
  175. 1)Broken encounter + invulnerable creatures 2)feedback/typo/bug
  176. Nightblood's Smasher
  177. Bug: Getting Adept I skills as new skills upon level up
  178. Bug: Cancellation of Sprint cancelling wrong skill
  179. No resists on items
  180. Blazing Intimidation needs looked at
  181. Issues with the Quest Windows and Item Alerts
  182. Procs on armor appear to be bugged and other bugged procs
  183. Lag since Monday's Patch.
  184. v1802L and New Recipe Books on Trades Vendors
  185. Double EXP Weekend / Week to boost players?
  186. Serious issue with the 3/23 patch -- Tradeskill classes being changed
  187. D'morte Burial Chamber not accessible
  188. LORE Items in Shared Bank Slots?
  189. Bard Songs - Concentration and Duration
  190. Heritage items to furnature broken (BUG)
  191. Desperate Flurry (Guardian Skill)
  192. I am going to murder the banker!
  193. Message Board Woes...
  194. No Militia Writs for level 38 solo/duo
  195. Evil Eye Agro Radius
  196. Broken warlock spells, now with pictures!
  197. Umm, really messed up right now.
  198. Tier 4 Rares are too rare / RNG broken?
  199. Bug : 3 room home in Qeynos 10 x's the rent as same in Freeport
  200. Do the Advanced Secondary Tradeskill books exist?
  201. Getting Stuck Under Water - Just Visually Though
  202. Invisible Pond in EL
  203. (BUG) With new woodworking procs... otherwise a HUGE thankyou!
  204. Foresting in Ant, not updating (BUG)
  205. Make Quest Drops - No-Trade -- Feedback
  206. Problem with 30th level Shadowknight spell-Draw Strength
  207. Grolven Chiptooth now solo?
  208. Faith skill dropped permanently too low after zoning
  209. Feedback on the new tradeskill rare and uncommon buffs.
  210. (Bug) housevalut/merchant
  211. Auto follow is broken
  212. Sorcerer spell Eye of Zomm
  213. Things to easy
  214. Been waiting patiently, but need to ask, Pet Overhaul and Sage Lovin'?
  215. 830-900 pm pst reboots -- why?
  216. Please fix Carpentry -- Timbercraft is NOT my skill
  217. Bug with Banks, Boxes, and Bags (oh my!)
  218. Broken woodworker bucklers
  219. Int, Wis and +Power food
  220. Vault of the Fallen (Bugged)
  221. Why poisons, potions, and totems cost more than you think (Feedback)
  222. Combat changes
  223. Update 7 and grouped pets
  224. Overland Content - TS
  225. Gender bender still on Predatory Salve
  226. Question: When to announce the dungeon changes?
  227. Goals of Combat Change
  228. With the new Combat Changes, a "Channeling" skill is needed
  229. Agi broken - data included
  230. Fan Faire
  231. Trade option request
  232. Hello Test
  233. House Item Request - Armor Stand
  234. Thoughts on Buff system
  235. 4/18 patch went in wrong direction
  236. More avoidance testing - pre and post change
  237. feedback: Interrupt Rates
  238. Avoidance Study and Discussion
  239. Is Exchange being "tested" here?
  240. A foregetful box (bug)
  241. Baleful Efflux and Dire Effluence are bugged
  242. Direction of combat changes.. this doesn't sound right
  243. Moorgard - Will characters on Test be offered the transfer to an Exchange Server?
  244. Kite and Tower Shields
  245. Questions on Round Two of the combat changes
  246. Busted heritage quest encounter for FBSS
  247. Standing on uneven ground; Update 7 note, broken now
  248. Revive point of Death in Zek
  249. weird graphic bug with lion form
  250. Some fury issues to be addressed in the comming update