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  1. Is there such thing as an easy way
  2. Test server beta guild?
  3. Cajun cooking, blackened wings?
  4. Local weather photo
  5. Shader Model 3.0 What Happened
  6. unable to launch game
  7. New Years Eve Dining and Dancing - Tempera's Inn, Gorowyn
  8. Test_Copy out of sync on festival
  9. Tradeskill Instances broken! Yo Domino!
  10. Shard missions broken too hey guys what you doing to us?
  11. Anyone have a Page 1?
  12. What's Love...
  13. The shrinking cursor
  14. Updating with the Expansion.
  15. test copy guild hall
  16. Cross-Server PvP and Test
  17. Karnors
  18. Login server down?
  19. Hmmm . . . are we still down?
  20. Beta rollout to Test?
  21. Featherfall not working while mounted ??????? Intended or fubarred again???
  22. Beta boards?
  23. Are the name filters off on Test?
  24. Crashing Guild Hall Since Last Nights Patch
  25. Battlegrounds are up on Test and Test-Copy!! Not.
  26. "Quick Update"
  27. Waiting for zone server - Antonica Guild Hall - fixed, nothing to see here
  28. BG - Beat SoE in their own game? Not for Test Server Players...
  29. 6 pm 2-12: Server Locked?
  30. Quest Helper not Updating Correctly
  31. Exp bonus missing
  32. Few problems still with Test
  33. Push the gerbils, please!
  34. Test down on a Saturday?
  35. Test Server Meet and Greet - 1 pm Eastern Saturday Feb. 27th
  36. GHs shutting down with active people in them
  37. Test server is currently LOCKED for safety reasons.
  38. Test Crashing
  39. Why does Digital Download when purchased with Station Cash cost 4300 instead of 4000 ?
  40. Couple Broken Quests
  41. Test chat channel broken
  42. The silence is golden,
  43. Test update this afternoon
  44. Ritsy Quest?
  45. Offline Server Down
  46. LFG!
  47. Morning oddities
  48. Server down?
  49. Layouts on Test_Copy
  50. Private messaging
  51. Battlegrounds not Working yet
  52. Brewday collection
  53. New reward suggestion
  54. Dread Exarch Mordek in Necrotic Asylum
  55. I know I don't get out much
  56. Could you switch the mushroom on please?
  57. RNG and the inequity of Furies
  58. Halas
  59. Test (and Test Copy) likely to have an extended downtime 4/9
  60. Prismatic Drakota Zones
  61. Toxxulian burning leaf
  62. Test update notes
  63. Needing some help to get logged in on test
  64. New Halas
  65. Wow!!
  66. Missing
  67. Instances broken and dropping people to Char Select
  68. Predator AP causing zone crash while tradeskilling
  69. unable to log onto test server
  70. Backdoor open to use non-patched builds
  71. Monday's update notes
  72. Giant cat on Kerra Isle
  73. Could we please get the starter islands back for a week?
  74. JAWKINS!
  75. Test server was down due to a bug
  76. Taybrien, or if anyone sees this before 8 pm EST...
  77. Looting Chest Drops are Crashing Zones
  78. Any idea on when Test will be back up?
  79. Still no internet
  80. Druid Rings?
  81. Not around tonight
  82. Patch Server?
  83. If you are a Trekky, or even if you aren't
  84. Network Timeout. The Server is not responding......
  85. hrm .. Did Test just go boom?
  86. Hot zones?
  87. Forgot to switch server xp bonus back on
  88. Cannot delete Test Copy Toons
  89. Comments to Engineers and Surveyors in Gorowyn
  90. Nulli Secundus Annual Guild Party!
  91. Test Server (Locked)
  92. beta signup
  93. Want to sell more stuff? Fix my cloud:)
  94. Fix guild formation please
  95. Where are the orcs for HQ?
  96. Kurn's Tower access?
  97. No Tokens on Testcopy marketplace to test move to Extended
  98. Halas Horse Quest
  99. Test Extended? Extended Test?
  100. Test Server - Server bonus
  101. Splitpaw forum.
  102. Copy tokens
  103. Broken Researchers on Test!
  104. AFK
  105. someone else's front door
  106. /peeks
  107. Crashing game users of number 3 house in Neriak
  108. XP bonus - is it me?
  109. Happy Birthday Cloudrat!
  110. Need more input from Test players on Smokejumper thread
  111. Yay for the good stuff!!!
  112. Zones crashing after Oct. 1 test update 6940T
  113. Zath's Arcanum
  114. Market on TestCopy
  115. New paintings on City festival merchant
  116. New position on Test server?
  117. Skeletons on nek beach
  118. Beta Access for Testers
  119. Test server board
  120. Hands full
  121. Fae's from Halas
  122. Server Merges and shared banks?
  123. Zones Crashing once again after last nights patch
  124. Cat fur
  125. European or US Daytime Players on Test
  126. my current destop picture
  127. Safe journeys
  128. No trade Heirloom items can we get a policy defined?
  129. Test server
  130. Vampire Lair...You sold it now where is it??
  131. Just resubbed and...
  132. Happy Holidays to Everyone!!
  133. Nodes
  134. CTD x4 four different toons all trying same thing
  135. Far Seas Supply Division
  136. Login server down? As intended?
  137. Errmm Delete this pls
  138. Channels down on Test
  139. Norrathian Decorators Academy DEV help please:))))
  140. Domino Delivery...
  141. DoV update for Test
  142. Kudos on Calendar!!
  143. PLEASE FIX TEST - We can't race!
  144. Anashti Sul unlocking
  145. Coldain Prayer Shawl updates
  146. Moonlight Enchantments Event missing from Test
  147. Gear up opportunity
  148. Crafting components: dungeon drops
  149. Have they fixed Chronoportals on test?
  150. Test/Test Copy
  151. Test downtime tonight - 4/15
  152. Test is Down?
  153. Devs - update grief
  154. Test Copy
  155. Furniture and Coin impaired?
  156. Marketplace poofed
  157. How Do I Get to Test Directory Using the Streaming Client?
  158. Dungeon reflective smoldering shards are back
  159. Happy Easter and all the other Spring holidays!
  160. runtime error with the new character screen
  161. New battlegrounds entrance in Qeynos Harbor
  162. Welcome back SoE - did you miss us?!
  163. Test Server Locked?
  164. A breather
  165. Thurgadin Grand Hall
  166. Test channel down? It's back now
  167. Test players unable to enter Battlegrounds
  168. Who's going to Fan Faire? :)
  169. EQ2 Forums Error - please forward to someone to fix!
  170. Summer Gaming
  171. Dragon ring/Wizard Spire reconstruction
  172. Can someone hit the repop switch for EW?
  173. Test Server crashing bug: DO NOT click cancel on options
  174. What is the red button?
  175. Chat channels on character broken with patch to Test
  176. Someone post a link to the Testserver.exe, not a launcher
  177. Lost access to send/receive PMs on these forums
  178. Cloudrat, for you :)
  179. Anashti Sul Server Unlock
  180. Test Server Spire/Dragon Ring - PLEASE set our progress correctly!
  181. Chance of master drops on Test server
  182. UI Files Changed
  183. (bug) Respec AA's needs to be done twice.
  184. Who is in charge of access to this forum now?
  185. 4 aug 2011 Cant stay connected to Test server
  186. Crafted items stats on Test
  187. Eeeeks Animalist and Beastlord AAs vice normal character AAs
  188. Fae Flight Errrr ... Arasai left out
  189. RIP Test Server? No longer for initial testing of new content
  190. Build 7946T - can't equip quiver and Coldain Ring - have to zone
  191. Adornment Overflow Spam
  192. Been thinking about a new signature any ideas? I came up with one...
  193. Duplicating Quivers into guildbank, quivers can't remove from GB - GU61
  194. aa reset - a little known fact
  195. ok I had to change back lol mad duck made her point:)
  196. New aether race in Neriak for festival up for testing.
  197. Moving toons
  198. Next expansion beta and testers
  199. Defiler Masters
  200. A case of who you know not what you know?
  201. Very Exploitable...
  202. Feedback on mobs in EW, current fix on test
  203. 8020T issues on Test - mounts and Nek Forest issues
  204. Does test_copy have a different chat channel?
  205. Some blatant advertising
  206. Login still not working (?)
  207. Ry'gorr Armor
  208. Beta?
  209. Here is how I have the flowers
  210. Test down or did it finally take its last breath?
  211. NOTD email token issue rollback?
  212. Bookworm MIA !! help please:)
  213. F2P and Test...
  214. Do I read this correctly?
  215. Adorners, Tinkerers, and Transmuters achievements and comments
  216. Seems like this at times ..... go ducks!
  217. NEW LAUNCHER TOMORROW - Does it support Test server??
  218. Transfers from Test to other Servers
  219. Reset of /claim rewards
  220. Tradeskill apprentice and Test.
  221. House items - no longer widgetized
  222. Bookworm is Back!!!!
  223. EVENT eating our toons and crashing to desktop !! FIXED !!!
  224. locCopy - my little tool for grabbing /loc coordinates
  225. Running out of memory when trying to enter my Guildhall and crashing
  226. New mercenaries - issues
  227. Are you guys EVER going to fix the crashing wile loading entity prob
  228. Merry Christmas all!!!
  229. Apprentice Food and Drink (minus reactant)
  230. Happy New Year!!
  231. LoN Broken on Test since before Christmas
  232. Test chat channel
  233. Ducks win the Rose Bowl !
  234. Heroes of Test
  235. How Do I Get On Test?
  236. Just a Hello
  237. Test chat channels and mailbox bug
  238. Warder Weakness broken on Test
  239. Group Friend buffs dropping instantly 8426T
  240. Still here
  241. Test Channel
  242. The Poll mail - and my apology
  243. Dear Devs, thanks for the new look:)
  244. Tinkered Personal Harvest Depot
  245. Will Gu63 be in beta form or just on test?
  246. A note regarding 2-13-2-12 patch
  247. Crit Mit
  248. Pathing
  249. Really?
  250. GU 63