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  1. Finally got access :)
  2. Spell Interrupts not always auto-recasting
  3. Removal of imbue recipes
  4. Looking for a good horse repair shop...
  5. Where are the Quest Givers on TEST for these quests?
  6. When does Test get the Expansion?
  7. Can't enter game
  8. not pretty, one of my toons is missing
  9. Apparantly we are not a real server
  10. File slowing down patch (live)
  11. EOF up :)
  12. Cloak Changes??
  13. Loping Plains Issues
  14. 'Real' server perks for Test
  15. Recent Combat Changes Practically Broke Test Raid
  16. Update Notes
  17. EOF go boom?
  18. Am I supposed to bug Tinkering items? Serious question for someone with an answer available.
  19. Some Humor
  20. Thank you for returning my precious
  21. A small but polite rant on the no trade flag
  22. Weird communications bug 6 December
  23. Mistmoore Enterance Mobs
  24. Crafter Consignment Idea
  25. Trolling the Nursery Waters with Fae
  26. Bug? - MOBs getting periodic checks to resist roots
  27. Some... unusual skillups while crafting
  28. Diety pets not controllable
  29. What I really like about EQ2
  30. AVOIDANCE BUG (I hope)
  31. The Unkempt Vale: A Lordly Confrontation (Guild Raid #6)
  32. Missing adornments
  33. Enigma book drops
  34. Vanishing Harvests
  35. Candy dishes stacking
  36. Frostfell Harvesting
  37. Test: Fall down go boom?
  38. Ok who pulled the plug?
  39. Possible bug with damage shields, want to help test?
  40. Who can turn on the lights on my tree?
  41. Surveillance change
  42. Test Server Suggestion: /unattune
  43. Minion of Ro
  44. mistmoore catacombs - invisble mobs
  45. Sales Containers in Slot 1 on Broker Empty After Recent Patch
  46. Arena ideas
  47. belated feedback: downtiering, combat mechanics revamp, and risk/reward
  48. Loading only to Character Select
  49. Catalogue skill having problems?
  50. while working with macros, the % symbol keeps changing t i
  51. Broker Search Borked
  52. Crashing
  53. Ash Double Bed appearance
  54. Please fix Transmute Item...
  55. Target nearest NPC hotkey is broken
  56. Unmentioned respawn changes to Mistmoore Catacombs?
  57. unrest, and copied folks to test it??
  58. Server status on update page
  59. Brigand Double-Up change
  60. quest flagging
  61. Fairy L&L Book
  62. To Test or not to Test (server population)
  63. Necromancer Achievement Ability Bugs
  64. feedback: alternate progression
  65. Broker idea
  66. Everyone make it okay?
  67. Unrest Feedback and Bugs
  68. City given guild raids--another round
  69. In Testing Feedback Gone?
  70. Long-Term (ie; don't worry about it this month!) forum suggestion
  71. Mystic SoW AA drop - please don't!
  72. the first portion of the swords of destiny quest line ?!?!?! huh?
  73. Video Crash Problems
  74. Kelethin tradeskill quest - has anyone tried it?
  75. What happened to jump to first unread post?
  76. Whatever you guys did to fix the memory leak...
  77. Saelir's Plan: The Sul Spheres
  78. A miraculous floating cloak!
  79. No warning - Busted
  80. Proposal for harvesting 'filter'
  81. Downtime Vent
  82. I have an slight issue with /browser
  83. Quest Request :)
  84. Rise of Kunark
  85. 50 Fun Adornments
  86. Need a Restraining Order
  87. Agro in Sol Ro
  88. Freeport guards seeing thru invis
  89. Server Drop - 12 March - No warning
  90. most recent patch issues
  91. A view from one of the new kids on the block
  92. Nem Ahnk BP change
  93. Deathfist Citadel Revamp
  94. Latest Test Update borked items:
  95. Grrr Duplicate post submission....Tinkering
  96. New zone suggestion based on 300
  97. For Venos - Stormhammer completed
  98. Racial abilities
  99. Just for fun
  100. Decaying Respec
  101. Class hat question?
  102. What are the odds?
  103. someone needs to be flogged again...but harder
  104. 60 Assassin on Test
  105. "Brief" update? (edit server up now 8pm pacific)
  106. A Pantheon Perhaps?
  107. I'm back
  108. New mount quest feedback
  109. Claymore Quest Line--Broken at second quest
  110. New problems on Test as of this morning
  111. GU35 coming to Test early
  112. When's a good time to find someone to restore title?
  113. Client Crash
  114. Poets Palace Floor access quests
  115. Disappointment in devs decision
  116. Free Character Transfer week question
  117. PvE Live to PvE Test?
  118. GU 35, issues and request
  119. Arasai Betrayal
  120. Changes to dispels and cures
  121. Issues with new housing in Neriak
  122. Animation for "play the whistle" is off
  123. diety:miracles and blessings
  124. Solusek's Eye Eating Memory
  125. Something up with macros?
  126. BOOM! server crash - UPDATE Test is now UP
  127. Still one wee change needed for Neriak
  128. mentoring changes?
  129. TT frogs fixed!
  130. Server-wide announcements broken
  131. TU36 bugs and problems
  132. Ranger summoned arrows nerf
  133. Forum Handles of Test Players
  134. New carpenter recipes list (*SPOILER*)
  135. feedback on changes(so we can seperate it from the bugs)
  136. AA Respec for Test en route
  137. Ranger AA feedback
  138. A quick note about your feedback on this GU
  139. Requesting a guide for Test Server
  140. AA setups so far
  141. June 18th update Bugs
  142. Music getting stuck in the fight music
  143. SoD Rewards. No longer a mystery. And without even a player...
  144. Request for Feedback: Placing Objects in Third Person
  145. Thursdays Update?
  146. weapon delay changes
  147. A clarification request on +ranged effectiveness
  148. Arcane Minion--Intended 'Reduction of Lovin'?
  149. Account to Account Transfer?
  150. an idea i thought id share:cloaks
  151. Plat sellers have invaded Test Server
  152. idea to ignore plat sellers...
  153. test go boom?
  154. Forum session problems
  155. did a meteor hit the QA department?
  156. Somnus! (et al)
  157. Broker Bug with saved searches
  158. Rise of Kunark
  159. The Test Channel & our community chat.. a change if it catchs on
  160. Server just go poof?
  161. still not able to get past "logging into zone server"
  162. EQuinox RoK beta invite
  163. GU37 tradeskill bugs and stuff
  164. exploit!!
  165. A deserved pat on the back SOE
  166. It might be old stuff to some
  167. Report Spam on Right Click
  168. emerald halls change, questions and an awnser?
  169. ok the looting smart lore thingy update
  170. EMERALD HALLS!!! revisited of course
  171. Chat / Broker Broken?
  172. Seafury Buc recruiter in EFP
  173. Some help with Master Spells possibly?
  174. Raidwide buffs
  175. Request for a posting by a QA on In Testing Feedback
  176. Just a thought...
  177. Rares definitely broken (or changed)
  178. Entering the Veil - Broke
  179. FD and Evac Not Wiping Agro
  180. Legends of Norrath and the Test server
  181. Do not generate guild events for this character
  182. Looting problems continue
  183. eq2test.com may be down
  184. Swashbuckler Swarthy Disorder M1 and M2 exactly the same.
  185. The Maid for the Mist
  186. Client Crashes
  187. interesting decision (open test server)
  188. PvP Test server Copy question. Serious one, not a flame.
  189. Thinking outside the Test Server Box. A suggested solution to Test Server Issues
  190. Ventrilo Server Information for Testers
  191. Test Server Patch August 28th
  192. Posting in general forums
  193. Patch info request
  194. Bug with new Enchanter AA
  195. Feature Request for Appearance Tab
  196. One class lighter armour would be nice...
  197. Is test headed for a rollback?
  198. New contest idea for you guys
  199. Riddle of the Vault (Qeynos Claymore Hallmark Line) Bugged
  200. Life is good!
  201. EverPatch
  202. Test is UP
  203. Mark of the awakened!
  204. Yay!
  205. Un-yay
  206. Beta invites?
  207. Chat/Mail servers die?
  208. Chat channels bugged
  209. F10 Toggle
  210. Tradeskill Counters Hotbar
  211. shard of fear
  212. Unable to do Tradeskill Writs
  213. The new instance [Removed for Content] message
  214. Beta access?
  215. Hi again All
  216. /beta
  217. Beta access: a query
  218. Test Channel broken
  219. Update notes?
  220. Registering for Beta - How Does It Work?
  221. Problem with last night's patch
  222. Xp Bonus Sundays- this for Test server also?
  223. An Idea to help out the test server raiders.
  224. Thank you!
  225. RoK zones not accessable on test server
  226. Memory Limit bug went live!
  227. ETA on Test being back up?
  228. New Bugs since Kunark launch
  229. Account to account transfer on Test
  230. Combat AND Quest xp nerfed to nothing now???
  231. RoK: Overpowered Mobs
  232. Magic Closet: Zone Not Available
  233. Please let Test eat, drink and be merry!
  234. Pocket Golem... bug?
  235. Quest cycle feedback - A Fistful of Metal timeline
  236. whoops - ignore/delete. Posted in the wrong spot
  237. Frostfell killed my tree!
  238. Question reguarding server moves policy changes...
  239. Mastercrafted Armor and other TS Items
  240. Sony staff
  241. Out with the old, in with the new...
  242. Frostfell Decorations?
  243. Heya, test folks!
  244. Please publicize and recruit.
  245. Who is whom
  246. Yay! GU43!
  247. Character Creation Question
  248. Anyone else have this problem?
  249. Disappearing Di'Zok Emblazoned Items
  250. Cloak of Flames Pages 8 and 9