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  1. Kwoung and Zindi rate this patch... Two Thumbs Down
  2. Protoflame...
  3. Problems staying in game
  4. Poofing Adept 3/Master 1 spells
  5. 13h?? Intelligence Problems
  6. Feedback on 9/8 patch
  7. Communiation is the Key to any Relationship
  8. 9/8 - Still not fun
  9. 9/8 - You broke Ward, again
  10. Unable to kill solo mobs, all the info
  11. Combat changes not ready for primetime
  12. Tested last night with my Paladin
  13. Agility broken in 13h?
  14. Tradeskills
  15. Rognog The Angler Still Broken after MANY months of bugs.
  16. 13h broke our ability to even log into Test Server
  17. Two questions: Can we get /respec on till DoF, and can we get one final /respec at DoF?
  18. Pet out, root back?
  19. When DoF downloads ?
  20. Rares dropping
  21. Merchants gone wild!
  22. halflings botox treatments nerfed?!?
  23. Ice Comet Nerf?
  24. Shocking Flash = Fiery Pulse!
  25. New wizzy root spells....
  26. Fuliginous Coil broken
  27. Level 50 Defiler is very boring to play
  28. Beta notes vs Test notes
  29. Issues that will CRASH the zone
  30. Spellbinder's Ebon Sconce is invisible
  31. Qeynos Harbor--fixed ever?
  32. whay what a big head you have
  33. Wizard DPS Problems
  34. What the heck is going on with Test Server?
  35. Character select only showing 4 chars?
  36. Test Patcher Wont Download DoF...for me
  37. Bug - players probably can hack the Sinking Sands carpet system
  38. Any Chance SOE will actually fix the test server and not being able to Access DOF?
  39. To patch DOF and get in/unstuck
  40. Monkey locked me in! :-(
  41. the new loading page
  42. Arena Champions CTD issue
  43. You forgot our respec :)
  44. Level 54 mob, grey to level 50 group?
  45. The zoning bug is alive and well on Test
  46. You killed our Duo... again :(
  47. Mob vs Loot Level - Remember beta before pre-live?
  48. Live update .. sorta missed the testing phase
  49. Some spells still not worth upgrading
  50. Spells STILL missing
  51. Good thing I play Test, 'cause I can't play Live...
  52. Wizardly Roots, don't nerf em blindly
  53. Down Under mobs used for citizen quests
  54. Could we please get the food/drink bug fixed
  55. Some serious pathing issues in DoF
  56. are we getting the fixes that are going live?
  57. An apology
  58. Test Chat Channel?
  59. I think I may have broken Test Server
  60. possibility of /movelog
  61. Test Down
  62. Locking the Server--no warning?
  63. Test Locked Again
  64. Test dropped again today
  65. Why don't dev's talk to us anymore? Does someone smell?
  66. Not only Testers - also Customers
  67. State of Test?? Please reply for us testers.
  68. Wisdom = Resist? I thought that idea was canned?
  69. Found one reason we are ignored...
  70. Test crashed again...
  71. Reminder to the QA folks
  72. Test Server Connectivity Issues
  73. Monk Invis Feedback
  74. Agro mobs around respawn points
  75. Bugs, bugs, and more bugs
  76. New UI - Scrollbar Issues (large screenshots)
  77. Why can't Test have their characters appear on EQ2Players like everyone else?
  78. Level limit on SOTL?
  79. Player mail issues
  80. Clerics are not group friendly
  81. Intelligence to damage question
  82. Please clarify the status of the exp bonus and vitality
  83. Tradeskill Bonus Xp
  84. Bug regarding tooltips in crafting window....
  85. 68XX problems
  86. is it just me?
  87. Anyone here...
  88. Raiding - UI wierdness
  89. Tradeskills - Apothecary - Instill not countering tradeskill events
  90. Mana Regen Issue
  91. Bug (possible minor exploit) handing in Blades faction tokens to Coins guy
  92. Some ideas for speeding up and simplifying crafting
  93. PvP coming our way?
  94. Can we please get our Skins and textures back for DoF?
  95. Soo .. did go live?
  96. ummm.... i don't like hallowe'en, or scarecrows.....New Quests Issues
  97. Halloween in Norrath!
  98. Recipe Books Edit Filter Screen
  99. Prefered feedback method?
  100. Cross server channels...ie Test Channel
  101. Major issue with visiting others houses
  102. Tradeskill debt ????
  103. A Thief in the House of... *quests bugged?
  104. T6 Armor .. cobolt and Indium
  105. Mysteriously decreasing Avoidance
  106. Halloween masks are not useful for casters.
  107. Loading issues while zoning: the UI loading hang up
  108. Lost: One Chandlier to a bug in a three room house
  109. Crash after dying in Living Tomb
  110. new Nvidia drivers up
  111. Food and Drink bug back!
  112. Spirit of Wolf dropout during non-combat situations
  113. Heritage Quest changes
  114. Show Hood Off not setting
  115. Changes to Target Window
  116. Invisable with Soga Model
  117. Goblin Diplomacy Quest
  118. Where'd my vitality go?
  119. realysloooooow zoning since last nights patch
  120. SOGA and Me
  121. Saturday morning downtime?
  122. About these 2 GMs... Igram and Sephiro...
  123. A Cautionary Tale
  124. incomplete recipe list
  125. No skillups
  126. Popups on the forums?
  127. Griffon Tower Expansion and you!
  128. Greetings Norrathians
  129. Guild/Raid feedback requested
  130. Named/Boss NPC/Encounter Testing
  131. New food/drink system
  132. Patch 16b top hit list
  133. Crafting buffs have gone awry again
  135. Warlock Chaotic Maelstrom change, intentional?
  136. Bugs and Feedback on Griffon Tower Event
  137. Female Soga models
  138. Unable to Log in one character
  139. Quiver Update from Moorgard
  140. Friends list- after soga redo is missing
  141. Soga Model bug in Nek Castle
  142. Any chance of removing lockouts on Test?
  143. Loading UI Resources.. POOF
  144. Targetting mystery
  145. Statue Event in Poets...
  146. Necromancer Spell problem
  147. quiver/sack issue
  148. Still can't claim veteran awards
  149. I have a fun game for you to play.
  150. Vitality bug and update 16
  151. Skill-Ups, Levels, and Half-Levels
  152. Feedback Fun Game
  153. Soga Creation
  154. 100% Vitality?
  155. Camp clear buff chests
  156. Named Mobs on IoR seem a bit too easy now.
  157. Quest Rewards
  158. problem logging in
  159. Cobalt Armor new look
  160. Immune to Crushing
  161. Monks Group Feign Death and Pets
  162. eq2ui_mainhud_hotkey.xml is invalid
  163. The /loadui Command seems to have been broken again
  164. New Transfers on Test, or just copies?
  165. Crafted Cobalt Chain
  166. Collections are broken
  167. T5 Harvesting for Non-level 60 players
  168. current changes to death experiance debt.
  169. zone crashing
  170. Post level 60 xps idea...
  171. Bugs: Buffs and Food
  172. Any ETA on the new UIBuilder?
  173. T6 Writs are buggy at times
  174. Pet Class Casters and new Encounter Rules
  175. Provisioner Counterspells
  176. Griffons
  177. Test Feedback: Update 17b: changes to non-humanoid creatures
  178. personal status to zero
  179. Are changes to writs and heritage quests overdue?
  180. Raid level loot
  181. Fun Game to play Urgent/important-Not Urgent/Important
  182. Note on Exp. Debt
  183. Why are people so rude?
  184. in game clock and /time
  185. Does the UI team have access here?
  186. Still cant switch tradeskill effect tiers to counter
  187. Captain Woug and his writs are completely borked
  188. Vitality rates
  189. Fun Feedback Game Results
  190. Dedicated Raiding
  191. What is Soe teaching me to like about eq2
  192. T6 Armorer needed on Test
  193. T6 writs
  194. Loader chat
  195. Over-Reaction on Harclave
  196. Test Update #18 Feedback (Testers Only)
  197. Meet and Greet on Test
  198. Armor quest armor
  199. Provisioner Thank you
  200. stuns.
  201. quest spells for all classes but wizards?
  202. Test Server Focus: Quest Indicators
  203. Illusionist AQ1
  204. Forum Changes
  205. Mobs for AQ6 (freeport, heavy)
  206. Frostfell world event feedback
  207. Log in character select suggestion change
  208. Quest difficulty?
  209. Error Writing File
  210. New Quest Reward Window
  211. Issue with GEBS final fight, pets, and their new spells
  212. Igram ... The Bug we tried to test in Sinking Sands With Manxs
  213. Playing in First Person -- some feedback.
  214. Broken Warlock Spell: Dark Infestation
  215. A place to hang out.
  216. 30 to 34 Qeynos writs
  217. Frostfell Snowball Bag needs a change
  218. When will LU19 hit Test ?
  219. Cant log in to Test
  220. KOS and PVP testing
  221. Welcome Back Igram and Seph!
  222. Drop rates
  223. Meet and Greet Sunday Jan 8th
  224. Feedback: Freeport Adventure Yards
  225. Old characters on IoR - unable to progress
  226. New writ giving system
  227. Bugs in 19a
  228. Crafting changes
  229. The new writ status rewards hurt
  230. Kingdom of Sky and PvP Beta Testing
  231. Unrecoverable error at character select
  232. eq2player.com
  233. new betrayal coming?
  234. Jewelry drops
  235. Coercer pet bug - fix in the works?
  236. Not seeing any notes on fixed Quests
  237. Test still down?
  238. Coercer Pets - Request
  239. Any update from dev/designer on combat damage issue?
  240. /beta add users can't log into Test
  241. No new froggies...
  242. New Island comments
  243. Damage/Flinching on debuff removal is back.
  244. Class Balance for New Character Creation System
  245. Stuns / Interrupts
  246. Writ status
  247. Well it happened
  248. Mail once again is broken on Test Server - NOW FIXED!! woo!
  249. Overflow?
  250. current patch problem loaded to test, 27 january 20:30 est