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  1. Reversal of combat?
  2. Is (full) grouping for xp a thing of the past?
  3. Odd problem with 4+ hotbars
  4. Judy's Avoidance Studies, 2.0
  5. Guilds GONE!!
  6. Half elf form
  7. Christ man -- After 8 months Carpenters STILL are not fixed
  8. Unable to Log On after 4/28 Patch
  9. No chest drops in Stormhold?
  10. Guild Rank Permission Issue
  11. Tradeskill Writ Wrong
  12. Group Instanced Zones
  13. Mentor XP 26(19)
  14. Buff Combat Engagement
  15. Buff aggro
  16. Consumable Lore and Legend items not clearing
  17. PC Merchant Store Window Bug
  18. New guild window clutter
  19. Stealth Dropping
  20. Still Stuck
  21. Regarding Increasing Tests Population and Incentives commented on by Gallenite
  22. A quick letter to the Devs
  23. Bard conc. buffs can be exploited to not cost conc.
  24. Any suggestions for parsing programs?
  25. Links are busted
  26. Birdies are slow
  27. One of those bugs we get accused of never reporting
  28. An improved testing and bug reporting process
  29. Plate Armor Mentor Issue
  30. Heads up: Deletable Heritage quests should be in the next update to Test.
  31. Please note
  32. Thoughts on Balancing
  33. Guild message bug
  34. Bugged quest in Feerrott line
  35. free guild promotions for EVERYONE! (borked guild stuff)
  36. XP Change: Intentional? Unintentional? Imaginary?
  37. Feedback TU9a
  38. Combat Changes Three
  39. Please Explain Spell changes
  40. Adventure level guild event - Broken again
  41. Mobs nuking for Way to much
  42. Spell Changes vs. Epic Mobs
  43. Imediate Help With Patcher Needed
  44. City Merchants on strike?
  45. Watch your step in Stormhold. Mob on the loose!
  46. Login bug Back again. Server did not respond in a timely manner.
  47. Guild tags and status items
  48. Spell system issues and recommendations
  49. Broken class/ subclass quests? Please post here
  50. Details on Sneak + Ambush/Shadow Blade bug.
  51. Character Transfers
  52. Broken Quest - Nektulos Creature Catalog
  53. Froglok quest.
  54. Player Created Lighting
  55. Copies to test and deleting them after use.
  56. Zone is temporarily unavailable
  57. Guild Leaders lost all guild permissions
  58. Froglok Spoilers
  59. Stoutgut's Bookshelves
  60. Bravado versus Recklessness
  61. Broken Quest - Supplies for Brianna
  62. More heroic mobs in EL - bug or not?
  63. Update on Froglok village issues
  64. Test down for Live server update?
  65. Guild auto promote problem gone live
  66. When Pondstones aren't equipped...
  67. Why I've Left, and Why I've Come Back
  68. A few bugs fixed ...
  69. Stuck in Combat details
  70. Lucky Break Scout HO starter still broke
  71. Crashing CT
  72. Character Account Transfers On TEST:Fix ETA?
  73. Laggg
  74. IoR bug
  75. Cannot Log In After June 1 Patch
  76. Possible reason for not being able to log in to test
  77. Collections patch
  78. Launch Error
  79. Crazy Goblin agro bug in LavaStorm
  80. Food and drink dropping
  81. racial vision power cost frequency bug
  82. A couple bugs that have been around a while
  83. Feerrott Boat Tickets
  84. Dismount is for the birds!
  85. Group member engagement in Combat?
  86. Illusion Stacking
  87. Stuff being sent to live before testing.
  88. Adventure Pack 2 Testing Feedback
  89. Problems with dueling and possible connection to being locked in encounter?
  90. Copy of my Its Moving Day post...
  91. Waypoint wisp line needs a tweak
  92. Splitpaw Clipping/Pathing issues.
  93. Scout Problems
  94. Question about what we are allowed to do (or not)
  95. Froglok Racial Traits
  96. Borked Inquisitor (priest) Spells
  97. Can Guild copies to test do so without House Vault/Merchant?
  98. Splitpaw Saga Testing June 14th
  99. Monk Skill Oddity - Face of Mountain vs Stone Stance
  100. Charmed Pets and Buff problems
  101. Idea for selling stacks on broker
  102. Bug thread for June 15 patch
  103. Splitpaw Saga Feedback June 16
  104. QA Playtest for Sundered Splitpaw zone on the 18th
  105. Splitpaw Saga Feedback June 17
  106. Mentoring is borked
  107. Joint Beguile - Dreadful Awe bug
  108. Hot button madness
  109. Random caster raid issues
  110. Tradeskill Drops In Paw
  111. Favor of Innovation - No Rare
  112. 6/22 patch - big change to tradeskills
  113. Caster HO's not working properly
  114. QA Playtest for Friday June 24th for Drowned Caverns zones
  115. Splitpaw Dreadsnout: Small bug
  116. Chains of Torment: duration drastically shortened
  117. Plague of Rats & Swarm of Rats not working right
  118. Bright graphics during combat hurt in first person mode
  119. QA Playtest for Saturday the 25th for Sundered Splitpaw: Alone in the Dark
  120. Splitpaw loot
  121. Splitpaw Instances and Mentoring
  122. Splitpaw zone crash
  123. Robe of Invoker error
  124. Class Specific Armor Skill
  125. Remaining Splitpaw Issues
  126. Warping Characters
  127. Harvested gems can be sold to NPC vendors for $$$
  128. Can our toons from Live please be copied here?
  129. New Item Descriptions and 'Mastery'
  130. Duel issue with sneak/invis
  131. Anxious to see/test the new combat changes
  132. A possible tweak to the new skill window
  133. Suggestion: a record of faction standing?
  134. Lag issue with Millinium 2000 operating system
  135. Splitpaw and a nasty bug
  136. Unable to log into SOE forums
  137. HO's
  138. Mailbox request
  139. Splitpaw Mobs While Aggro are not Social
  140. terraporters?
  141. Lost Master Chest - Major design issue on high end drops in solo instances
  142. Request to the Tradeskill Devs
  143. Ghost Gnolls not counting as undead.
  144. Ark of Harclave Loot Changes
  145. Oakmyst named dropping master chests?
  146. Grotto Sub Zones/Quests Fur and Water
  147. Darkened Shard quest bugged for testers?
  148. Dreadful Wrath - Would not take effect.
  149. WTB Palladius Cluster
  150. 12 Patrons and the changes
  151. Tonights bugs
  152. Re-binding skill quest: Lovely but broken.
  153. New artisan quest - finally completed, but not a citizen
  154. Raid crashes
  155. Missing Monk Skill
  156. Tooltips on the bags and boxes
  157. Crashing to Desktop
  158. Major Splitpaw Bug
  159. Valley Deer in Zek
  160. Broken Quest: The Moppet Master
  161. Shrinking Target Window
  162. I want my Explosive Barrels!
  163. "Live events"
  164. Timer broken on the enchanter "fleeting thoughts" spell
  165. Mysterious Mines
  166. Set Recall Point sorta broke
  167. Reverse writs on grey mobs
  168. T6 Drops?
  169. Vampire fangs no longer dropping
  170. New wide spread pathing issues in Sol A
  171. Roekillik Assassins: Make it stop!!
  172. Desert of Flames beta testing
  173. Cant get to the Den... Still
  174. Issues with the Wed night patch
  175. Couple of things with the new guild stuff
  176. Can't log in with one of my characters
  177. Please can we have red back?
  178. Now where did I put that guild tag...
  179. Aecdotal test of combat changes
  180. A suggestion to go along with the combat changes
  181. Simple Combat Change Poll..
  182. Warlock spell problem
  183. Predator Bow CA, Backshot
  184. Coercer combat change feedback
  185. PC Reboots when entering Apartment
  186. new level 10 enchanter charm spell
  187. Those lovely new ^^^ heroic mobs!
  188. Parry/Riposite Feedback
  189. Wizardly Roots
  190. Hex Doll resist rates may be incorrect
  191. Test Down
  192. Tradeskill Reaction Woes
  193. Fading Spirit changes
  194. Guild status loot items (short)
  195. Increase understanding?
  196. Possible problem with Water-breathing changes
  197. Nate and Palladious (spelling)
  198. ** How to see all broker listings ***
  199. Nvidia graphics issue since build on aug 11th= anti aliasing issue
  200. Problems with receiving spells at every level
  201. Moving a char to a different account... how?
  202. Tradeskill Buff Values
  203. Brokers not listing food and trade books
  204. tradeskill exp
  205. gforce 5200 fx (256) still having graphics issue, (workaround found)
  206. Testers Only: Experience Debt Changes
  207. Still waiting on Upgrades for new spells /ca's
  208. Current issues on Test (not complete of course)
  209. Locked encounters
  210. Feign Death
  211. Harvesting in Combat
  212. Spells not overwriting
  213. Thoughts on the Live Update schedule
  214. YABI (yet another broker issue)
  215. Some Comments about the combat changes
  216. Issues
  217. Subjective opinion about current tradeskill difficulty
  218. I feel [Removed for Content] :(
  219. This has to be a mistake...Doesnt it?
  220. Harclave - Very poor XP, moderately poor loot
  221. No /respec to replace lost abilities?
  222. Ice Flame Bug
  223. Mentor and encounter locking
  224. Bard issues
  225. Qeynos Harbor gone. Please put it back!
  226. New Trait.. singular
  227. XP bonus is gone
  228. See Invisibility
  229. Subjective Comparison: Teaking Needed.
  230. CTD Problem: Alertlog text
  231. zone into mizzans cellar and pow black screen strange code and rebooting system
  232. Cove of Decay: Epic Angler bugged
  233. East Freeport from Inroom = crash
  234. Harvesting - Am I the only one?
  235. Raid Zone Lockouts When Reviving
  236. Issues v2.0
  237. Broken Fugitives
  238. Unable to log in after 13f?
  239. Major Issues Post #13f?
  240. Request to Let Test be Test again please
  241. 13f silent exit to desktop
  242. Tradeskill buff values are inconsistent after 13f
  243. QueyHarbor Crashes/See 13f Silent Crashes Link Below Also
  244. Drop in spell damage way to severe IMHO
  245. Complete healing mobs
  246. Dynamic camps
  247. Inability to do spell testing
  248. Various things I have noticed while on Test ( am doing the 7 day trial to see if I want to return )
  249. Major Issues Post Update #13g?
  250. Problem with patch message, info needed